SavvyDox Launches Game-Changing, Mobile Document Management Solution

Ottawa, ON (PRWEB) June 11, 2013

SavvyDox today announced the first commercial release of a cloud-based, mobile document management solution, SavvyDox 1.0. – a product that transforms tablet document interaction.

SavvyDox transforms tablet document interaction from primarily one of serial reading and consumption to one that provides the tablet device user with a new level of intelligent interaction with documents including highlighting revisions at the word and paragraph level, version sensitivity, changed content navigation, interaction with peer recipients and authors, shared annotations, and active and dynamic content.

SavvyDox solves tablet document management issues for enterprises, government and publishers, all within an enterprise grade, private, hybrid or public cloud based secure infrastructure. It is an elegant solution for anyone requiring always-on, always up-to-date, mobile access to revised document details.

The application is available from the App Store and the Windows Store and operates in conjunction with a server-based license available from SavvyDox.

“Our product highlights revisions at the bottom of the document with distinctive thumbnails – icons that resemble a page and identify where the revisions are in the document. Instead of reading the whole document you just tap on the page thumbnail and it takes you right to the exact location of the revision. No other product in this market segment does that,” said Hans Downer, President and CEO of SavvyDox.

SavvyDox supports “collaborative review” – parallel document review and comments from several recipients on a team improving synergy in the review process. In this mode, the author retains “ownership of the pen”, which allows only that person to modify the document. The author is also provided with analytic compliance reports identifying which recipients have read which pages of a document based on an author-supplied parameter.

During testing, users with iPad-based readers were fully productive within ten minutes of viewing a short training video. Testing also proved that the application integrates easily into the business environment since it accepts documents from MS Word, MS PowerPoint, or any document in PDF format.

The 30-person team testing the solution in California published 150 documents with over 250 revisions in a three-month period. The project team improved overall productivity since they no longer needed a 10-15 minute project review to bring everyone up to speed on the current plan.

In the Ottawa pilot, the national health care group entered over 300 comments on one 540-page document during a three-week period.

SavvyDox has confirmed a first order from a large Canadian systems integrator in early May and more recently a follow up order from a California county government. The systems integrator will use the solution to provide differentiated services to their clients on major projects in two other county governments in California and two large projects with another state government.

The solution had been in beta test since January 2013. A second pilot started in April of this year with a national healthcare group based in Ottawa, Ontario.

“We’re very pleased with the progress of the solution and the feedback from customers and investors. Our pilot customers have been extremely positive in their comments about how our product has addressed their business needs”, Downer said.

SavvyDox has raised a total of $ 1.25 million to date from Canadian Angel Investors and has received approval for a Canadian Federal Government loan of up to $ 1 million based on the amount of Angel investing received. SavvyDox just opened their third funding round of $ 625,000, which is expected to close quickly.

About SavvyDox

Founded in 2011, SavvyDox Inc. provides innovative mobile document solutions for tablet devices. Targeting businesses, enterprises and government organizations around the world, our focus is on building products and solutions to resolve unmet client needs in tablet document interaction, publishing and management.

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