Project Management in IT

By the term project management we mean that it is an effort that is planned & organized carefully for accomplishing a successful-project. Project means effort of 1 time which produces particular results, e.g. building a computer-system.

Project management involves various steps for completing its work efficiently. The steps of project management which is proposed by a manger are as follows:

Preparation – 1st Step of Project Management

The focus of a project manager should be upon getting answers to the staple questions before preparing for the project. This step contains creating the questions that are related to the project & answering them for proper functioning. A person can start this step by writing project document or charter as this charter answers many significant questions such as what is the project’s purpose? It is quite natural that without having any idea about what is the project’s purpose a person will not have a well defined pathway. Apart from this, with the help of this step a budget can be made with which a project manager can focus on making maximum profit & saving-money as well as time. The project manager can even know about which person to contact relating to the completion of the project. It also an idea about the type of resources to be used and the sources from which these resources can be purchased.

Execution – 2nd Step of Project Management

After the answers are known against the staple questions, the project manger now proceeds further with the next step that is execution. It is that step which makes the hands of a person dirty. The works which were done in preparation step or grade are now materialized, so everything must be recorded by the project manager. The only benefit of recording is that the person remembers what is to be done and what has been done. The project management must note down every day that how much work has been completed and what has to be added more to it.  If any problem comes into notice or arises then he must immediately note it down in the problem column. Likewise, if any risky situation arises and one has to take that risk, then the manager should write them immediately with its occurrence so that it can be avoided in future.

So the conclusion of this step is that the project manager should write down each and every activities performed in a day and consider the problems. One has to spend a little on this step. This executing level, actually, might be a shorter or a longer process than the 1st step and its length purely depends upon the complexity of the project.

Closing – 3rd Step of Project Management

At this step the step of project management terminates i.e. closes.  This is the last step where a project manager finds out whether he has managed a sound work and also sees that whether the set goals have been achieved or not.

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