Office Space – Printer Scene (Clean Version)

Ever have one of those days where you just want to utterly destroy a printer/fax? I recently had one of those days. It’s too bad the printer I’m using weighs…
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  1. Matthew Roseborough
    Matthew Roseborough says:

    Random find that just made me pull out my Office Space DVD today. Havent
    seen in years…. and still just as classic and epic.

  2. Razimus
    Razimus says:

    This dude is supposed to be such a genius that he writes a virus that rips
    off the company hundreds of thousands of dollars, yet he doesn’t know that
    PC Load Letter means load the friggin Printer with Letter sized Paper, lame

  3. Cloud 3C
    Cloud 3C says:

    Ever have one of those days when none of your equipment works right?
    Before you get to your “breaking” point – contact us to help you with your
    business communication needs. 

  4. Misaki Yuzuki
    Misaki Yuzuki says:

    What program did you use to clean up the song because I like this version
    and want to use it, credit would of course go to you when it is used but I
    have tried everything to clean it up but no such luck…

  5. otakumike2006
    otakumike2006 says:

    I have that all the time with our plotter at work…Paper jam! I swear
    Brother makes some shitty printers..

  6. Frekazoid
    Frekazoid says:

    We just got rid off the VDI clients in our office, this is exactly how I
    feel today. I just wanna grab the last frikkin’ one of the VDI clients and
    just smash it into pieces in the middle of an empty field.


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