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Tom describes his great idea.
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  1. Jdiggy77
    Jdiggy77 says:

    The funny thing is that I can see people having similar reactions to people
    who’ve gotten rich off of other stupid ideas that somehow made it big.
    Imagine your friend pitched you the idea for snuggies, or that stupid
    singing plastic fish. You’d call him a moron and not give it a second
    thought. Moral of my post, never underestimate the idiocy of consumers.

  2. gcHK47
    gcHK47 says:

    You know this dude’s right. It’s why I’m trying to get to be creative in
    this world rather than run the blue/white collar rat race until I’m 70.

  3. ScattySafari
    ScattySafari says:

    Am I alone in thinking his mat wasn’t a completely terrible idea? It’s no
    worse than scruples or trivial pursuit.

  4. TheRealMrPooPyNuTz
    TheRealMrPooPyNuTz says:

    Not sure why this is a negative in votes. The guy is clearly upset that his
    peers dont like his idea. But he wins in the end, kinda, and still sports a
    positive attitude towards them.


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