Obama's Foreign Policy Reality Check

Obama's Foreign Policy Reality Check
President Barack Obama came to Washington in 2008 pledging to end the Iraq war and refocus on Afghanistan, the “war we have to win.” The idea was to settle the fights America already was involved in and to be certain not to embark upon new ones.
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Why IBM is Giving Watson a Chef Hat
Fox Business – The Power to Prosper. Fox News Digital … Menu ideas will be generated through suggestions from fans on Twitter (TWTR), and Watson, which will have studied 30,000 different recipes by then, will instantaneously scan six quintillion …
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El Chapo on the Couch: Inside a Drug Lord's Therapy Sessions
… not personal…it's strictly business. An ability to generally keep his cool was joined by “notable” and ““expansive” leadership qualities. “With an ability to analyze and synthesize…capable of relating facts and ideas and drawing logical …
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The good news on jobs
Terry Rawnsley, who researches regional economies for consultancy firm SGS Economics and Planning, says businesses in the global economic corridor have proven highly competitive in global markets. Advertisement … The labour productivity of workers in …
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