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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia (PRWEB) December 2, 2006

Seeing the hoards of entrepreneurs who are running out of business ideas, expert business consultants in The Idea Center, led by CEO Ross A. Lincoln, have come up with a cutting edge software that generates business ideas automatically. This software named eXpertSystem was designed to create effective and profitable business ideas and marketing strategies without the need for brainstorming teams.

Initially called IdeaFisher, eXpertSystem performs like no other software of its kind in the market. It helps its users develop business ideas for new services and products that could redefine and shape their businesses and then evaluate and test these offerings without having to spend their capital. It also helps users determine their ideal customer and the appropriate name for the service or product to attract that particular target market.

The eXpertSystem program can develop sound business plans for the user that would provide the flexibility needed to steer their business towards success by specifically stating what is needed to be done to bring the business ideas to completion. It also generates breakthrough marketing and advertising ideas that are presented as step-by-step strategies that would help one implement killer marketing strategies. It unveils innovative ideas that can boost the business flow, giving explicit instructions on how to execute such ideas for maximum effect.

The eXperSystem software can also prepare and make actual presentations and speeches that would create remarkable impressions to prospective clients and customers. It can create successful business proposals that can help persuade prospective clients into thinking that the user’s service or product would be the key solution to their needs. The program can also analyze systematically the situations that the user’s business face and then give plans to solve these problems effectively.

The eXpertSystem package can mold a user’s business mind to be come efficient to ways that are deemed impossible to be done by a computer program. It helps clear the user’s mental blocks, eliminating quirks that make businesses sluggish. It helps users plan better in any endeavor they are trying to face by developing effective plans that define the issues, set the objectives, present the trends and implement useful schemes for the proper function of the business.

The eXpertSystem program actually comes as bundles of different useful tools for businesses. The eXpertPR Pro is the most basic package at $ 299, which includes the eXpertSystem v7.0 and five other software in the system that focus on public relations and marketing. Next in line is the eXpertCommunicator, worth $ 397, which then tools for both written and oral business communications. The most complete package is the eXpertSystem CEO, worth $ 1349, which includes 13 additional software that can create business ideas for any aspect.

For a limited time only, the eXpertSystem bundles are being offered for a discounted price. The eXpertPR Pro is being sold for $ 149, while the eXpertCommunicator is offered at $ 199 and the eXpertSystem CEO is priced at $ 499. Additionally the eXpertSystem Coach package is being sold for $ 299, and includes any four additional tools apart from the eXpertSystem v7.0 and the eXpertCoach plug-in.


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