Mr Brûlé on successful Angel and VC relationships

Mr Michel Brûlé, one of Québec most experienced and recognized angel investor, discusses his lessons learned regarding co-investments of angels and venture c…
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Kristof De Buysere is Associate Partner at Value Development Crowdfunding: risks and opportunities; European regulation; freedom of the market; the italian c…
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  1. Mind the Bridge foundation
    Mind the Bridge foundation says:

    At #MTBVC13 we have talked with Kristof De Buysere (Associate Partner Value
    Development) about risks and opportunities of #crowdfunding and about our
    situation in Italy
    #crowdfunding #startup

    “#Crowdfunding is in many ways old wine and new bottles […] Once the
    regulation will come into place, the crowdfunding market will open up in
    Europe […] Fragmented market in crowdfunding is an opportunity but also a
    risk […]”…


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