Merging Art and Technology to Improve the World – Peter Hirshberg

Merging Art and Technology to Improve the World - Peter Hirshberg

Complete video at: Peter Hirshberg, co-founder and chairman of The Conversation Group, narrates the h…

For more information, visit Consider this, a 52 inch flat screen HD TV that cost thousands of dollars can have less computing capabil…

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  1. Aniki Nippon
    Aniki Nippon says:

    3:14 What can be more non-polluting than a human powered bike? Sounds
    totalitarian to me, tracking me where I went at what time… Creepy bike

  2. Syd R Duke
    Syd R Duke says:

    @LooseLatitude No, they’re actually called Captchas and they’re computer
    generated. Search wikipedia for “Captcha” to find out more.

  3. kevintype
    kevintype says:

    Maps are art. They may not be a type of art that interests you, but a great
    many artistic decisions go into producing any truly useful map.

  4. Bobbiethejean
    Bobbiethejean says:

    @m0nkeybl1tz I liked the clip but the full lecture disappointed. I thought
    it was going to be generally about art and technology whereas the full
    lecture is about maps. 🙁 I have no interest in maps, unfortunately for me.
    I can’t fault Fora for that; I’m just disappointed because as a digital
    artist, I was hoping to hear something relevant to what I do.

  5. lipoicacid
    lipoicacid says:

    @nall29 Yes it is.Big Brother is already here.”1984” was a warning.Orwell
    worked for British Intelligence and was aware of the long range plan.

  6. nall29
    nall29 says:

    ill check back in 20 or so mins. to read the responses to my question. this
    is somewhat new to me and im open to peoples opnions

  7. janete lamas
    janete lamas says:

    People understands the true, is uplifting to know that once we show how
    somethings are not good the human nature comes together to try to change
    this fact.

  8. LooseLatitude
    LooseLatitude says:

    @sydrduke Pretty f’d up right? I was blown away when I first learned of it.
    Amazing how it’s right there in front of you and you have absolutely no

  9. TedDGPoulos
    TedDGPoulos says:

    DISCOVERED in the 21stC: The Underlying Law of Nature. The top 3 General
    Characteristics of The underlying law of nature are: #1. The Way of All
    Things #2. The Basis of All Laws and Principles #3. The Basis of All
    Health, Growth, Efficacy and Efficiency Google it – as a start. The
    underlying law of nature may be the world’s most useful, profitable and
    encouraging knowledge. The empirical process for identifying the underlying
    law of nature was discovered in 2008. Soon we may all do so.

  10. Patrick Keenan
    Patrick Keenan says:

    1) He didn’t say that the bike pollutes. It collects data on pollution in
    its vicinity. 2) Data is sent anonymously. You aren’t being tracked. You
    aren’t that important. The government and the corporations don’t care that

  11. Bobbiethejean
    Bobbiethejean says:

    The full lecture is about Maps. >8{ The title is Digital, Life, Design
    2010: Maps. How lame. I was hoping it would actually be a lecture on art
    and technology rather than friggin maps.

  12. LooseLatitude
    LooseLatitude says:

    So they make these wheels to sell at a profit. Than use the consumers to
    gather data which they will than gain profits on again. You know those
    images of words they use to confirm you’re not a computer filling out
    masses of forms on the internet? Those are words that were scanned from a
    book(digitized books) and didn’t come out all that well. A company makes a
    profit on us to figure it out for them. Digital serfdom.


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