Managers Leadership Training

A great company has great expectations of their associates, especially the management team. No organization will be successful without a strong leadership team that ensures company expectations are consistently met.

Managers are the foundation and support base for every business, results will typically indicate how strong or weak a management team is. We are not talking about profit and loss statements only; everyone isn’t going to profitable everyday regardless of how strong the managers are.

Managers should be afforded training concerning all expectations, policies and procedures. If managers are ill trained then expect marginal results and employee discipline. Think about it, should your associates be provided with greater training than your managers? It is impossible to meet all expectations when they haven’t received professional training on what is expected of them.

Managers should be trained separately from associates as manager’s expectations should be detailed and in depth. Managers should be true professionals, highly competent and confident that they have received appropriate training to do an outstanding job.

True Example: Customer service calls for the duty manager, one of the cash registers has run out of receipt paper. The manager has never been taught how to change the paper. Customers and associates are watching him, talk about embarrassment. This is a very simple situation and the reason I am using it is to make the point that managers have to be thoroughly trained. I have seen managers that have never been trained to run a register, this obviously isn’t a typical manager duty but what happens when a new associate was poorly trained and you are the one expected to fix the problem.

Personally ensure your managers are given the proper training and tools to meet all expectations.

The results will be well worth your time and effort and they in their own minds will thank you everyday.

Ron Kirby is a world traveled educational and motivational speaker that has over 37 years of Leadership experiences in Corporate America and the Marine Corps. His passion is speaking on Leadership concerning Business Growth, Personal Development, Innovation, and Educational Experiences. Sergeant Major Kirby served 32 years in the United States Marine Corps deploying to over 40 countries and having the privilege of providing Leadership training in a myriad of cultures. Ron takes great pride in the fact he has contributed to the Leadership and promotion success for countless individuals during both his military and corporate career. Invite Ron to make your next event a smashing success! Contact him by phone at (843) 304-6111 or by email at RBKSR51@HOTMAIL.COM. Read more about his background at

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