Malanje Housing Project to Start in 2014

Malanje Housing Project to Start in 2014
"The housing project programmes to be carried, whose objective is the implementation until 2016 of 200 houses for each municipality, has been redefined and there is more rigour in its execution, so it is a great concern of the government the definition …

EDITORIAL: Citizen passivity a real threat to democracy
But when the citizens were told one day that the plan was ready for execution, they began to question not only the project itself, but also the process by which it had been decided. A referendum ensued, but the focus was not on whether the road should …
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TAKE 5: Planning official gives update on bond projects
The city wants to execute the projects with the least amount of waste and disruption. Staff is currently working closely with third parties at the outset and creating a detailed execution plan that accounts for project overlap to ensure project, time …
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American Classic Argent
American Classic got its start in the 1980's, a project of bike-racer-turned-engineer, Bill Shook. This editor remembers them pushing …. It appears as though American Classic is using a pinned rim rather than a welded rim, which would help to explain …
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