Make It Easy to Do Business With You

Developing relationships in business requires making it easy for people to do business with you. Watch this short video and get some specifics that can help …
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look basically, 2 months ago, i had no idea what i was gonna do in my life, i am 17 years old and i just graduated highschool. my mom and dad want me to go t…

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  1. TerryL Brock
    TerryL Brock says:

    Thanx for the kudos, Ethics Guy. I use a variety of tools for this
    including Keynote, Screenflow, Skitch and some music. I appreciate your
    kind remarks.

  2. TheEthicsGuy
    TheEthicsGuy says:

    Nice job, Terry! What application do you use to create your videos? iMovie?
    Final Cut Pro X? Would love to know. Keep up the good work!


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