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A Trinitarian Theology of Sacrificial Worship (And, Ergo, Morality)
But I like stupid questions (and this is my blog), so let's go. A first and obvious answer comes: because that's what we're made for. This is, of … After all, the Commandment says “You shall love God with all your heart”, not “You shall worship God …
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Maybe classical clockwork can explain quantum weirdness
But at the core of his approach is the notion that ultimate elements of reality, whatever they are, do not correspond to the templates for reality conceived by the human mind. Concepts such as particles and fields used in today's standard physics are …
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Report on Alberta continuing care system: Confusion, overlap, redundancies
She said the province needs to put all contracts under one master template and that “Alberta Health Services make explicit where the responsibility and accountability for continuing care contract compliance monitoring and oversight resides.” She said …
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