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Inside Job: Why Companies Pick CEOs from Within
That's a big reason why about two-thirds of CEOs have traditionally been hired from within, says Sydney Finkelstein, a professor of strategy and leadership at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth and author of "Why Smart Executives Fail." "There's …
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CRM Watchlist 2014: For the 1st time ever: The Watchlist Elite, Part III
Their needs to be an omnichannel strategy, not just a multi-channel one. People …. For example, The jéfe of the CRM team, Robert Wollan is “focused on understanding and addressing the needs of Chief Sales and Chief Customer Service Officers.
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AOL Chief Apologizes for 'Distressed Babies' Comment
In Armstrong's memo, he said the performance “validated our strategy and the work we have done on it.” Under the … the company's benefits. In his memo over the weekend, Armstrong said he shouldn't have discussed specific health-care examples at a …
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