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Mining prospects favorable for POW
Graham Neale of Heatherdale Resources is project manager for Niblack. Neale says Southeast Alaska is ideal for mine development. “There's a workforce that's already ready. They want to go to work. A lot of the trades that already exist or existed in …
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Losing my religion: Clergy who no longer believe gather online
Among them will be Dunphy — a founding member of The Clergy Project and its former executive director. "We are all swimming in the same pool, but we are in the deep end and they are in the shallows," she said of Clergy Project members and readers of …
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Nixon welcomes auto supplier, 290 jobs to Riverside
Jay Nixon (second from right) and Daniel Infusino (third from right), executive vice president of Martinrea International Inc., participate in groundbreaking ceremonies for company's new 275,000-square-foot, 290-job facility in Riverside. Rob Roberts …
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