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What All That NSA Intelligence Costs
Together, the CIA, NSA, and National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) get more than 68% of the "black" budget, which refers to the government's top-secret intelligence budget. Nearly a fourth of the … secure," McCarthy said. When it comes to long-term …
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NSA can track you with cookies from Google, iOS, Android – and it might be legal
A series of Snowden-leaked slides from an NSA meeting entitled “NSA signal-surveillance success stories” has revealed that the agency is collecting location and browsing data through the cookies and geo-tags openly used by third-party programs and apps …
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2013 was a year for American rule breakers
But Snowden didn't follow the rules. As 2013 began, he was already plotting to release thousands of pages of documents revealing details about the National Security Agency's domestic surveillance programs. … Some people change their societies by …
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