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The Treasury Department's next target? Shell companies.
Unlike regular firms, shell companies are husks. They do not have active business operations or major resources. And under current US law, shell companies are not obligated to reveal the identities of people who set up bank accounts on their behalf …
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Stocks slump broadly; banks take a dive
U.S. stocks sank Thursday to their biggest loss in a month and a half as banks and technology companies tumbled. Interest rates moved lower, hurting financial stocks. The dollar continued to fall compared with the Japanese yen. Stocks have fallen three …
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Why Reddit decided it was time to make its own official app
Reddit on Thursday took a long-awaited step into the mobile world: There's now, finally, an official app for it. The company released its new app for iOS and Android, called "Reddit," which was built in-house to provide users a simple way to look at …
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