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Connect the dots with social media
For example; if you want to have a direct line between your customers and their positive and negative experience(s) of your company, make sure to involve all members of customer service in your top-down goals. If you believe in fostering a quality …
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Sorry, the Sriracha factory will not be coming to Texas
The 4-0 vote during a Wednesday night hearing came despite assurances from company attorney John Tate that Huy Fong Foods planned to submit an action plan within 10 days and have the smell fixed by June 1. Officials with … Ed Hernandez sent a …
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Cisco and Amsterdam's plan to make a green city smart
Cities will be one principal locus of IoT activity, and companies such as Cisco see significant business opportunities in providing the vast range of technologies and services needed to create a truly connected city: the sensors, networks …
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