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Living large …thinking small
As many Kiwis struggle to scrape up a mortgage deposit, Auckland architect and sustainable design expert Johann Bernhardt says there are real attractions in a house that costs just $ 20,000 to $ 30,000 and is commonly "off the grid". "You're not paying …

Cardboard box makers shut shop due to lack of regulation, input cost hike
Lack of regulation, which leads to excess capacity and intense competition, labour issues and the muscle power of large customers over the smaller players are holding box makers from hiking prices to manage costs. The industry has been fighting for …
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At half a million dollars, are babies worth it?
Another trip to the GP, an initial consult at an obstetrician, a deposit at the hospital, two ultrasound scans and some blood testing later, I estimate we've forked out $ 2,313 on pregnancy related costs so far. But baby … The average Australian …
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