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I need your help planning my roadtrip through Portgual and Spain (this is a crowdsourced trip)

Image by Zach Klein
This summer I’m going to visit Portugal and Spain. I’m traveling with my girlfriend and two buddies. We have no specific plans but have following conditions:

+ We have 10 days
+ We’re flying in and out of Lisbon.
+ We’re renting a car and consider this a ‘road trip’
+ We’re willing to camp some nights
+ We expect this to be a gastronomic experience more than anything else

This maps show a basic circuit I’m planning, however we’re quite flexible. If you have any experience with this area, please place notes on the map indicating the location of your suggested stops.

Thanks ahead for your help with this crowd-sourced vacation project.

Update #1, Friday, June 19 at 9:30am

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