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Making a 'Lifestyle Practice' Work
Lifestyle practices get a bad rap. But one of my main goals when starting my RIA was to build a business and a life that met my needs. I'm taking some steps that intentionally provide balance to both sides — and encourage you to do so as well. Here …
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Invest Atlanta CEO Brian McGowan to join Metro Atlanta Chamber as COO
The Metro Atlanta Chamber announced today that Brian McGowan is being named executive vice president and chief operating officer — a new position for the business organization. McGowan has been serving as president and CEO of Invest Atlanta, the …
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A Lot of Contention: Residents Rebel Against the Masada Car Park
Is there any plan for a petition or other public statement directly to Ramli to discourage it? JacobEPeters. We should start a campaign, when you eat at masada, write on your check “I walked here” or “I biked here” or “I took the L here” and show that …
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