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DGJ_8417 – Sambro Harbour Lighthouse

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This is the Sambro Harbour Lighthouse, another of the lighthouses declared surplus by the Canadian Government. Passed this on the way to and from the Sambro Island Lighthouse.

When I say the lighthouse is surplus – the government will be destroying them or the community can take them over if they can come up with a business plan to operate them. Some have already when taken over by the communities but do not operate as a navigational device anymore.

Location: On Bull Point, southwest side of entrance to Sambro Harbour
Operating: This light is operational
Automated: All operating lights in Nova Scotia are automated.
Date Automated: Automated by 1961
Began: 1899
Year Lit: 1899
Structure Type: Square wood tower, white
Light Characteristic: Fixed Green (1990)
Tower Height: 9.75 meters (032ft) high
Light Height: 10.7 meters (034ft) above water level

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