Kickstarter & The World of Crowd Funding?

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Delicia is launching her crowd funding campaign to fund her second music EP and she needs your help to make this a reality. On the Thursday 26th of September…
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  1. drizzy018624
    drizzy018624 says:

    Black 1: (Drops Soap) NOOO!!! (Starts Crying) Black 2: Soap drop nigga.Oh
    you think you just gone leave it down there Black 1: (Whimpers) No. Black
    2: We dont waste no mothafuckin soap in here Black 1: Im finished Black 2:
    Naw nigga…You aint finished. I been watchin you Black 1: You have Black
    2: You didnt wash behind you ears or nothin Black 1: But I did Black 2:
    Look at me, see how Im all clean & glissen & shit, thats hygiene nigga. you
    can call me the health inspector. Now pick up the soap!


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