Katie's Tomb Raider 9 Marketing Plan

Download the plan: www.katiefleming.ca Working and being a part of the Tomb Raider team has been a passion and goal I’ve had for quite sometime. An additional effort to try to obtain employment at Crystal Dynamics I created an entire Integrated Marketing Communications plan for them, for their upcoming Tomb Raider 9 title. I conducted a thorough community analysis by way of a survey and secured over 0 worth of donated prizes to give away to five winners to entice participation. From the data I collected I then developed a complete plan with a budget of million. Cold calling every single company to gather rates was the most difficult part, but I put together an impressive plan that would certainly yield results. Follow me on Twitter: www.twitter.com
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IMC Plan Haagen Dazs five

IMC plan presentation for Haagen Dazs five

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  1. billybob47553
    billybob47553 says:

    Will I fit in you’re suitcase because I love Tomb Raider and I like you and I like how you do all this. This is great! I give you good luck

  2. jodywhiteley
    jodywhiteley says:

    OMG! I want to hire you! I don’t have a business or even any money but If I ever do. I would hire you. You Rock!

  3. RaZMarvelFan1
    RaZMarvelFan1 says:

    i really hope you get the job katie because you dedicate your life for Tomb Raider and thats what i love about you ! 😀 you are the perfect person for this job

  4. TeamIthacaBeer
    TeamIthacaBeer says:

    Great video! Clear objectives and creative and valuable recommendations. I like the mix of traditional and newer media outlets and that you all introduced methods for measuring the campaign.

  5. benjaminmclaughlin
    benjaminmclaughlin says:

    1) yes, very clear objective of gaining new customers and ultimate lift in sales
    2) i really liked the IMC plan, it truly was a fully integrated approach; sponsorship, blogs, discounts, sampling, post-of-sale. very thorough.
    3) video was good, i would have liked to see more than slides, otherwise good.
    4) true value of video is to the consumer, through initial target at POS and potentially through WOM.
    5) ideas were great, suggestions would be around actual examples and trail in stores.

  6. mbadua77
    mbadua77 says:

    Your video was well done and enjoyed hearing your low-budget IMC plan for Haagen Daz 5. I agree with your the three channels you chose – traditional media (women magazine), online media (food blogs/Facebook widget with couponing), and sampling events. Would you also consider adveritising on women sites like iVillage or celebrity buzz sites?

  7. mattdonovan72
    mattdonovan72 says:

    -Yes objective is to increase trial/sales, provides plan to achieve and metrics to measure sucess
    -Yes given limited marketing budget social media is an effective marketing method
    -Effective internal presentation, would like to see some examples of initiatives currently being done by other companies
    -Value would be to HD marketing team if their marketing budget continues to be limited and plan to continue the product
    -Discuss similar initiatives conducted by other companies and their success

  8. tjencks100
    tjencks100 says:

    -The video poses ideas for how HD can enter the social media market and leverage it.
    -HD has a massive audience and the IMC programs will be able to reach its audience.
    -It delivers the value proposition, how HD is different from its competitors, how it can leverage social media
    -The value is for HD itself. It offers a new perspective to drive revenues while spending less on marketing.
    -Elaborate on specific social media avenues and how HD can utilize those.

  9. FlowbotX
    FlowbotX says:

    1) Yes. I am glad that you guys thought about measuring the results. Good job.
    2) One concern. I’m not sure that anyone is going to take the time to post their opinions online for one discounted/free ice cream.
    3) See comment #5 below.
    4) The value of video is that it explains the IMC marketing campaign to the marketing people at Haagen Daz
    5) The slide show is very good, but filming it with a camera is a bit awkward/dark. It could have been sent directly to video using free software.


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