Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) SWOT Analysis for Honda Insight

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) SWOT Analysis for Honda Insight

This is a clip of a client presentation of a complete Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) plan for the Honda Insight (Hybrid). Four Honda representatives were in attendance. This project was conducted in a cap stone class at San Diego State University in Fall of 2009 For more information and great additional content about this project or for great similar content, visit: But, in short: Problem Statement: The Honda Insight was re-released in 2010 and failed to reach projected sales. Due to the lack of awareness among the Generation Y market, the ADS Agency has created an integrated marketing plan to effectively market to SDSU students. Objectives: (1) Determine and implement an effective integrated marketing communications plan to reach and to influence purchase consideration of the Honda Insight among members of generation Y. (2) Identify key attributes that are most likely to influence the generation Y purchase decision: styling, technology, pricing, green aspect, cool factor, etc. (3) Measure the importance and relevancy of a fuel-efficient hybrid within the generation Y market, and specifically the impact of the Insight within the Honda brand.

Mak2 Integrated Marketing Communication Plan Assignemnt

Mitchell Singh presents Mak2(Katie Blackford,Kasia Lomanska,Amy Date-Beadon) assignment.
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  1. cashflowstoo
    cashflowstoo says:

    I’m a huge fan of the Hybrid. I have not paid much attention to the honda version. But I am starting to read more about it. Its good to look at swot to get a solid perspective on buying patters. The only challenge is getting this to the valid audience that will want to understand how to effectively plan marketing efforts. To be honest most people here are simply looking for more subscribers and friend to generate impressions.

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    flany1960 says:

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