Insurers expect to weather storms lashing Britain's coast

Insurers expect to weather storms lashing Britain's coast
… to around 9,700 by October 2014. It is not yet clear how many of the jobs lost will be in flood defence. … Mark Kaczmarek, vice-chairman of planning on Cornwall council said: “It was not as bad as the forecasters were saying.” On the river Severn …
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Level the Commuter Playing Field By Reducing the Tax Break for Parking
And they're absolutely right: It's a bad idea to provide an additional financial incentive to commute by car, which has so many negative consequences for society, from air pollution to increased congestion. Common sense … It's hard to imagine there …
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Health Care Preparedness Funding: Are We Inviting Disaster?
While the single greatest losses have been registered in the public health community, where thousands of positions have been eliminated — including those affecting coordination and joint planning between hospitals and their respective health …
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