How to Landscape With Lava Rock : Landscaping Basics

How to Landscape With Lava Rock : Landscaping Basics

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  1. icawn
    icawn says:

    i put down lava rock 4 years ago and it still looks good. I do not need to
    add any additional lava rock yet. My neighbors wood mulch looks like crap
    every year until they dump new mulch on top. Downside for lava rock is
    that it’s harder to plant new plants and you need to be keep the rocks away
    from small sprouts so they don’t get crushed. Also I think the rocks
    minimize the effect of plants which like to “spread”, which can be good or
    bad depending on what you want. Also, I have a small dense tree in the
    rock, which drops a lot of small branches and leaves which get stuck in the
    rock and are impossible to remove completely. A blower does NOT help the
    way people advertise, but actually makes debris even more stuck in between.
    So, keep the trees away:). Couple things i regret is that I didn’t know
    to add all the amendments to my soil before putting the rock down :(, and,
    i didn’t consider soil settling over time and so my garden looks a bit sunk
    and it’s too late to build it back up.

  2. Terry Manasky
    Terry Manasky says:

    I saw your video with Pebbles you added a Weed Fabric. but not with the
    lava rocks. is there any difference when using one or another. or the
    fabric is optional? I am replacing Grass with rocks / pebbles

  3. OnVent4Life
    OnVent4Life says:

    I like your style. Only suggestion would be to use landscaping fabric so
    the product doesn’t mix into the soil over time.


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