How to Generate Enticing Proposals Effortlessly?

Generating Proposals is one of the most crucial aspects in the success of any company. Good companies, without any doubt, are good proposal generators. A lot goes in writing an enticing proposal – a lot of study, research, and thinking. The rewards are equally enticing – more clients, more business, and increased profitability.

Having mentioned the importance of a proposal, it is important to know that there are a few factors that work towards making a proposal an eye-catcher. This article aims at providing some tips to turn proposal writing from a difficult to an easy endeavor.

Ensure that you are answering the client’s WIIFM question – Everyone is interested in knowing the answer to his WIIFM (what’s in it for me) question. Going through the proposal, the recipient should instantly feel that your product/service is “the” one that meets his needs. If your proposal is able to answer his needs properly, half of your job is done. Make sure that you let the recipient know that this is a win-win situation and both of you are winning through the solution.

Do not be too fussy about the length of the proposal – Business proposal are considered on their merit and not their length – do not fall a prey of the thought that a lengthier proposal is better than a shorter one. Do not beat around the bush, come to the point – make sure that every sentence in the proposal is related to the client’s problem or its solution in some way or the other.

Get the proposal proofread for grammatical and spelling mistakes – These mistakes can put the entire process in jeopardy. Once proofread by an expert, go through it again – this time putting yourself in the client’s shoes.

Would you accept such a proposal? Are you convinced with its content and grammar? If you are, then you have just finished writing an enticing proposal.

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Nid Mark is a web designer as well as web content writer who has more than 7 years experience in content writing, Logo designs for designing brochures, business stationary, etc. In this article she discusses how to make bid winning business proposal For more information, please visit

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