How to Combat 'Financial Cyberchondria'

How to Combat 'Financial Cyberchondria'
"It can also lead to a lot of financial-related stress." That's because frequently reading status updates and tweets about friends, real or virtual, who are spending money on vacations, dinners out, new clothes or on the cyber deal of the day can cause …
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Digitizing your personal finance life
Weary of managing dozens of business and personal receipts each month while on the go, Esgar recently tried two receipt trackers: Shoeboxed and Lemon. While both do the job just fine – receipts are scanned, digitized, saved and categorized – Esgar says …
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Web-Based Freelance Jobs Can Pay Off
Farnoosh Torabi, a personal finance expert and host of Financially Fit on Yahoo! Finance, says one gig is to become a virtual assistant. "Increasingly, there are a number of websites popping up that help people become virtual assistants.
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