Gyan Adda 49 – Open-source will leave you behind

Open-Source is a powerful force that when utilized allows for abundant collaboration of shared goals in an unfathomable scale. The good news is, it’s easily …

Stanford physicist Ingmar Riedel-Kruse has begun developing “biotic games” involving paramecia and other living organisms. He hopes the games lead to advance…

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  1. Yanko Malinov
    Yanko Malinov says:

    I bet the controls of this game require more processing power, than if you
    write a simple script with randomly moving objects (paramecia if you will),
    which slightly respond to your controls, in order to emulate the same
    experience as this biotic game. This fact alone renders this “game” useless.

  2. Unclevertitle
    Unclevertitle says:

    Interesting. Though less so as the concept of a form of gaming than how you
    would even control the direction that the paramecia swim in the first place.

  3. dalsian001
    dalsian001 says:

    Reminds me of Spore. But then, I’ll have to stay on a space ship n orbit
    around the planet at light speed to see them evolve. Next thing you know,
    it’s planet of the apes!!!! “OMFG what abominations!, computer…accelerate
    the speed now! I want to go back to my time.” Computer: “I’m sorry, you’ve
    already reached the speed limit. Further acceleration will break the laws
    of physics.” Me:”BUT WHAT ABOUT MY WIFE?!” Computer: ” … I’m sorry.
    Please consider alternative selection on the planet.”

  4. Jolly forJesus
    Jolly forJesus says:

    @Psyfrox If you believe that, then maybe we should lead by example and not
    do it, where is it going to stop? I think this just goes to show how
    dis-connected some people have become. For research purposes I can
    understand a desire to look at things like this, but to then start making
    games out of it. They’ll be the ant farm game next. Skip a few years and
    then running man game

  5. gr8Sweetfox
    gr8Sweetfox says:

    Great. So you are killing things just for fun, and not for research? My
    respect went down A LOT. Stop using them for fucking games!

  6. kunukn
    kunukn says:

    Seems wrong somehow, using living things for own gaming fun purpose. Next
    is to play chess by moving animals around a field and get them to kill each
    other when you take a piece.


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