Future Perfect: Buy put option in SBI

Future Perfect: Buy put option in SBI
Strategy: Traders could consider buying ₹1,980 or ₹1,960 put options. They are … High risk appetite traders can consider going short on SBI futures with an initial stop-loss at₹2,025 which can be later shifted to ₹1,984 if SBI trades below that level …
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'Museveni should fire, arrest Amama'
Yes, Mbabazi has been given a signal that we can move on you, but I think the president's strategy is to cool it down as he studies him. What's your assessment of the situation? When it reaches to the … They are not very grounded in business but they …
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Catching up with Patty Stonesifer
… managing an endowment of $ 89 billion. Her move to Martha's Table was, as Washington Post reporter Steve Hendrix wrote, like General Electric's business legend Jack Welch “showing up to manage the corner appliance store.” More from Capital Business …
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