Funding Foreplay Audio Course And Sample Fundraising Documents

“How To Raise Angel Investor or Venture Capital For Your Start Up Company – For Under $20”

Here are the dozen REQUIRED documents that you must have to succeed with your romance of angel investors and venture capital.

You wouldn’t walk up to a complete stranger and ask them to marry you. You already know that there’s a courting process, a general sequence of events, a ritual, required even for love.

The same is true with prospective investors. Are you really going to ask prospective investors to marry you by investing in your company – even before the first kiss?

Complete Funding Foreplay Audio Course with Documents

Complete Funding Foreplay Audio Course with Documents

Funding Foreplay Audio Course is a four module audio training course that is specifically designed to teach these proper and expected courting rituals to start up company CEO’s like you – including how to correctly prepare and present the dozen documents you must have to successfully romance angel investors and VC to invest in your company.

I have condensed and distilled down what is required for funding foreplay – techniques that have taken me three decades to acquire and fine tune with real companies and real deals. Funding Foreplay is a one-of-a-kind curriculum that includes over five hours of audio and over 390 pages of real life, highly confidential, documents you can use as guides for your own dozen documents.

The Four Biggest Fears For Entrepreneurs Regarding Venture Capital and Angel Investors

According to CNBC, these are the four biggest fears entrepreneurs have when it comes to pitching their deal to VC or to angel investors:

  • 43% – Giving away too much of their company during negotiations
  • 42% – Sounding nervous during their pitch
  • 11% – Making promises they can’t keep
  • 4% – Opening themselves up to a lawsuit

These kinds of fears are totally understandable – especially if you’ve still a fundraising virgin. What are your biggest fears about raising capital for your own start up company?

Funding Foreplay Audio Course is designed to help entrepreneurs, just like you, to overcome all four of these fears:

  • With our Business Plan Module you’ll learn how to develop a realistic financial model of your business idea. Using this approach will let you project the future value of your company five years from today. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll know how much is a fair but motivating amount of company stock to give investors in exchange for their investment.
  • Knowledge really is power – so the more prepared you are, the more comprehensively you have completed your documents, the more confident you will be during any pitch to bankers, venture capital or angel investors. With Funding Foreplay Audio Course, you’ll learn exactly what dozen documents you need for investors – and exactly the required format and content. You’ll feel so prepared that you may be disappointed they don’t ask you more challenging questions.
  • Most worries about unkeepable promises are a result of generating meaningless projections. If you can make realistic and genuinely implementable financial projections for your new company, you’ll have enhanced confidence in the future of your new company. Funding Foreplay Audio Course helps you drill down to the real numbers so you have the right underlying assumptions for your business plan. After that, the rest is just easy arithmetic – and so is making promises you now have confidence making.
  • Anyone can sue anyone for anything. However, if you properly prepare your offering documents, they can serve you well as an insurance policy for you – helping protect you against violations of both state and federal securities laws and helping protect you against disgruntled investors if your new company does not meet their expectations. Funding Foreplay Audio Course will show you how to make sure your documents give you the insurance protection you need.

All four of these biggest fears – all four potentially lethal dragons for your new start up company – all four are successfully slayed with Funding Foreplay.

“I bought the Funding Foreplay Audio Course recently and I love it!

“It took me a little over five hours to go all the way through the first two training models, because I kept going back over the materials and finding more and more content that really got my creative juices going.

“I have since completed the remaining training modules and I just wanted to let you know that this information has made a world of difference in my efforts to raise capital for my company by opening my eyes to the wealth of possibilities that are available.

“The Funding Foreplay Audio Course is most certainly a worthwhile investment for anyone, whether you are just getting started or a seasoned pro. No matter your background, I am certain anyone will find the information in this series useful in helping them with some of the more challenging aspects of raising capital.”

                                                                                                          – Reynolds Investment Group

The Four Modules and the Dozen Documents You Need For YOUR Angel Investor Romance

Here’s what we will cover in this course:

Module 1 – The Overview and Coming Attractions

This is the Introduction to Funding Foreplay where I cover:

  • How the Funding Foreplay Course is organized for you and how you can best benefit from all we are going to cover.
  • It will teach you about how to use the epiphanies gained from this, and other courses, to best fine tune and expand your business model and its implementation.
  • It also explains one of Robert’s Rules of Order: The Three Focal Points – to make sure you are really ready to start a new company and that it fits your own goals for five years from today.
  • You also find out about the three kinds of investors – and how your need for capital for your new start up company fits each group’s wants, wishes and needs.
  • Module 1 Audio tells you the investor’s mantra that they will be repeating the entire time they are reading your documents or listening to your pitch.
  • Module 1 also shows you the five things it will take to motivate the investor to write you a check!
  • Module 1 Audio: 35:01 minutes

Module 2 – The Summary Documents of Funding Foreplay

We will cover what we need to do to get noticed so you can begin the romancing…all the stuff you need to get that important first date:

  • The One Pager – what to include on a single page attention getter document that will qualify and entice prospective investors.
  • The Executive Summary – the eight page summary that gives the right mix of narrative and numbers.
  • The PowerPoint Deck – both the long version and the short version – and when to use each so you have the most impact.
  • The Email Pitches – what to say and what NOT to say. If this part is done wrong, it could kill both your fundraising efforts and even your company.
  • All of these documents will be based on your business plan…so if that part has been done correctly, all five of these documents will be easy if you just follow my format.Complete Funding Foreplay Audio Course with Documents
  • Module 2 Audio: 57:15 minutes

Module 3 – The Offering Documents of Funding Foreplay

We will cover the proposition and the pre-nup agreement:

  • This is the stuff that is absolutely required if you plan on raising capital from angel groups or individual investors. You will almost certainly be breaking the law, both state and federal, if you don’t have these documents BEFORE you start raising money.
  • Your PPM – your Reg D private placement memorandum which will both keep you out of jail AND be YOUR insurance policy – if you do it right.
  • Your Prospective Purchaser Questionnaire – this document is an absolute requirement and will assure you that the prospect is an accredited investor.
  • Your Subscription Agreement – this is the actual contract between your investor and you. This is the actual document that will give them X% for $Y of your company.
  • Your securities law compliant web site – the landing page and what to include and what not to include.
  • Your securities law compliant web site – the investor site and who you can legally offer entry to…and how to avoid critical mistakes that can land you in jail – or worse!
  • Again, if you are going to raise money for your start up company, listen VERY carefully to this module before you start talking to any investor!
  • Module 3 Audio: 90:51 minutes

Module 4 – The Business Plan Documents of Funding Foreplay

We will cover :

  • Your Business Plan Planning Worksheet – the 150 questions that you need answers to before you do your own business plan. Consider this, Predicting Your Future 101.
  • Your Financial Assumptions Worksheet – your underlying business model of how you are going to generate revenues, cover start up costs, personnel and operating costs…to end up with a profit and make money with your new company. Consider this, Predicting Your Future 102.
  • Your Business Plan – I will show you the right format, the right information, the right organization of the content that you will need to romance the willing partner.
  • All of your other documents we will cover in this course will be based on your business plan and its financial model for your company.
  • The rest of the documents are easy if your business plan is done right! This Module shows you how to do it right.
  • Module 4a Audio: 51:53 minutes
  • Module 4b Audio: 69:58 minutes

You can do these four modules in any order you want but I suggest that you go 1, 2, 3, and 4. That way, when we get to the Business Plan Module, you will have a much deeper appreciation of why the various sections will be important to the rest of your romancing.

Here’s Part Of What You Get:

With this Funding Foreplay Course, you get a dozen real life documents I used for one of my own companies, PhotoGraphic LLC. Mock up sample documents are one thing…but with real life documents, all congruently integrated with one another, you gain much better clarity from the consistency of seeing one company’s document trail, start to finish.

In addition to these dozen documents, you also receive the two Worksheets that will help define your own company when we get to Module 4 and cover your own business plan.

I can tell you with reasonable certainty that these highly confidential documents would never have been available as a guide to other start up CEOs if it were not for this Funding Foreplay Audio Course.

All 14 of these documents will show you the kinds of questions you will need answered for your own start up…What you will need for the flirting, courting, and romancing of your prospective investors.

Complete Funding Foreplay Audio Course and Documents – Plus Bonus!
Complete Funding Foreplay Audio Course and Documents – Plus Bonus!
The Complete Funding Foreplay Audio Course - Digital Version: Includes all documents and the full transcript of the audio modules. Bonus included: Full transcript of the entire audio portion of the course! Available right this minute as an Instant Download. Get it now!
Price: $19.95

Learn At Your Own Pace – And At A Fraction Of The Cost!

You get all 14 documents and all four audio modules, over five hours of audio.

The audios are all in MP3 format – so you can play them on your computer, on your smart phone or tablet or any other MP3 player or burn them to a CD and play them in your car – that way, you can learn while you drive.

No, I didn't use Funding Foreplay Service. How could you tell?

No, I didn’t use Funding Foreplay Audio Course.
How could you tell?

You can play the audios in any order, or as many times, as you want or need so that you can fully grasp all the tips, ideas and epiphanies that fill virtually every minute of the five hours of audio. Many students report that there is so much meaningful content in virtually every minute of each audio – that they have to listen to each Module at least a half dozen times to grasp all the major concepts that they missed the first times through it.

All 14 documents are in Adobe Acrobat format so you can read them on your computer on your smart phone or tablet, or print them out and toss them in your briefcase to read during down time or wait time when your smart devices are not available.

These are real documents with all the details – documents that are almost always so highly confidential that most other startup CEOs never have a chance to see – let alone have as a guide for your own documents.

How Much Is All This Worth to You?

My clients pay me thousands of dollars to individually consult with them and help them produce these same dozen documents for their companies that are included in Funding Foreplay Audio Course. When my clients and their start up companies are striving to survive and thrive…and trying to raise hundreds of thousands, or millions, of dollars (or Euros, Yen, GBP, Rupees, Francs, Rand, Yuan, etc.)…they know that what they pay me is a very small price for enhanced chances of success and a home run future.

How about you? How much is all of this worth to you? What is the value to your future and the future of your new company? What is the value to you of learning the language of investor love?

What is it worth to you to have five hours of audio and 14 real life documents that will guide you in properly developing your own dozen, mission-critical fundraising documents? How much time and money will you waste if you don’t benefit from Funding Foreplay Audio Course? What’s it worth to you to learn the right things to say…and not say…the right things to do…and not do – from a serial entrepreneur who is a seasoned, international consultant on start up companies?

But the good news for you is that you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars. For the complete version of the Funding Foreplay Audio Course, your total tuition is only $19.95.

Complete Funding Foreplay Audio Course and Documents – Plus Bonus!
Complete Funding Foreplay Audio Course and Documents – Plus Bonus!
The Complete Funding Foreplay Audio Course - Digital Version: Includes all documents and the full transcript of the audio modules. Bonus included: Full transcript of the entire audio portion of the course! Available right this minute as an Instant Download. Get it now!
Price: $19.95

That’s only $19.95 for all four modules, all five plus hours of audio, all dozen fundraising documents and both Worksheets you can use as integral parts of your own business plan.

Plus you also receive an extra bonus: The complete transcript of all audio modules in one PDF.

Isn’t your future, and your vision of your new company, worth a total tuition cost of only $19.95?

Get Started With The Romance – Right Here – Right Now

So, what WILL it take to motivate investors to write you a check for your new company?

That’s the purpose of the Funding Foreplay Audio Course – to give you the insights to design your own business model, your business plan, your offering documents, your summary documents to answer all the questions that come with each prospective investor’s mantra.

Finally, you have a totally unique, one-of-a-kind solution to knowing what it takes for you to start your company and really be ready to romance investors.

With Funding Foreplay, you won’t be embarrassed by your fundraising virginity – you will be ready for all the questions that prospective lenders or investors may ask about you and your company.

Don’t miss out on this great offer. 

Get Funding Foreplay Audio Course now and start the romance.

Complete Funding Foreplay Audio Course and Documents – Plus Bonus!
Complete Funding Foreplay Audio Course and Documents – Plus Bonus!
The Complete Funding Foreplay Audio Course - Digital Version: Includes all documents and the full transcript of the audio modules. Bonus included: Full transcript of the entire audio portion of the course! Available right this minute as an Instant Download. Get it now!
Price: $19.95

Best wishes for stellar success,


Robert Lee Goodman, MBA
Ceo & Chief ImpleMentor