Fukushima breaking news,TEPCO did nothing about radioactive water leak for 2 years 8/1/13

kevin d blanch 8/1/13 As NO marine biologist in North America has a conscience and or sole, they are self-indulged EVIL pure Murderers, as far as I am concer…

After crowd sourcing $ A40,000 from supporters, a delegation from Tecoma head to McDonald’s corporate HQ to hand a petition of nearly 100000 signatures to CE…
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  1. chevyken
    chevyken says:

    travel to mordor on the potomac to toss the ring of nuclear death back into
    the molten maw of sauron himself , shutting you up would be very easy for
    them in dc itself. who made the invite and what motivated them? trust but
    verify and look at every fkin govt contact with absolute distrust, they
    look at you as a bar code not a man of integrity. never think they haven’t
    already plotted your death.

  2. kevin blanch
    kevin blanch says:

    Troy Livingston facebook page he can tell you and or the people there to
    find a good geiger counter, fresh fruit and vetgs Juice if you can I think
    it is the best chance I eat alot of bananas VERY LITTLE DAIRY,

  3. chevyken
    chevyken says:

    I know in my heart that you are directing your vids at the psychopathm-fers
    with the end goal of killing ALL OF US. I stand with you and everyone that
    spews disgust at this murderous matrix created by the scum that worships
    that dollar of satan. Fk-em ALL. I have nothing to live for anymore except
    the hope of witnessing the deaths of the scum that not only allows this
    crap,, but bathes in blood of the innocent. Going for a walk in the
    radiated fukushima rain washing over the area I exist in.

  4. kevin blanch
    kevin blanch says:

    Tokyo Electric Power Co. said in April 2011, just one month after the Great
    East Japan Earthquake and tsunami triggered the Fukushima nuclear disaster,
    that it would block the connection between a turbine building and an
    underground pit to prevent radioactive water from leaking into the sea.
    However, the utility only began preparing for shielding tests this summer,
    after contaminated water was found to be leaking into the sea. TEPCO’s
    inaction is likely responsible for the spread of radiation.

  5. g0sth4ck3d
    g0sth4ck3d says:

    Free Radical. Also, if anyone knows a geiger counter/dosimeter that can
    have the info downloaded to a PC to make a chart, I’d like to know.

  6. chevyken
    chevyken says:

    democide, Survivor Fukushima: Will anyone survive? KIssingers statement
    about military men being dumb animals used as pawns for the policymakers
    has spread to all life on the earth. Everyday that goes by means thousands
    more condemned to death by cancer and yet the msm ignores it like they are
    told. The insane, corrupt and mentally admitted psychopath fascist
    reporters providing cover for this will kill their own families for a fecal
    covered dollar bill.

  7. nutzforart
    nutzforart says:

    Did you catch that news article that the gov’t has allocated billions to
    handle civil disobedience and unrest in the event the populace is upset
    about environment catastrophes? They know people are going to go bizerk
    when they find out the fact that we have been poisoned, and it is going to
    continue and there isn’t jack anyone can do about it now. We need the truth
    to solve the problem.

  8. Chompski
    Chompski says:

    but if you stop McDonalds from coming to Tecoma where are teenagers meant
    to hang out at god knows when at night and trash the place with litter and
    tyre smoke to annoy the hell out of everyone nearby? I’m glad I signed this
    petition 😀 good to see some movement on it.

  9. Margaret Gissing
    Margaret Gissing says:

    Absolutely Fabulous. You have shown us the true meaning of Freedom of
    Speech and the Power of the People. Thank you for this. No Maccas in
    Tecoma. Yay!

  10. Margaret Gissing
    Margaret Gissing says:

    Absolutely Fabulous. You have shown us the true meaning of Freedom of
    Speech and the Power of the People. No Maccas in Tecoma.

  11. Steinwaygrande
    Steinwaygrande says:

    Good job guys ! And tell them while you are there that the Burgers are much
    better at Hungry Jacks, which are no where near schools in Perths Northern

  12. montyrooma
    montyrooma says:

    Now we have to Fight upcoming LIBERAL PARTY LEGISLATION to prevent such
    campaigns becoming Illegal & locking up the Organisers. Such Evil about
    that gives Big Business selling Muck So Much Power over the Citizens, Their
    Targeted Markets.

  13. Les Dowich
    Les Dowich says:

    Yes, I signed the petition and yes, I support the Tecoma community in
    looking after their kids nutritional health. How dare a multinational
    corporation use its overblown ego to threaten a small town that said no.
    Obviously, tried and true bully-boy tactics that may work in America
    garnered a very different reaction here Down Under! Good on youse!


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