Free Downloadable Guide to Social Media Available on LocalHood Marketing's Fan Page

Toronto, Ontario, Canada (PRWEB) October 05, 2011

LocalHood Marketing has created a new fan page on and they are rewarding fans of the page with a free downloadable guide to social media marketing. The guide is entitled “Social Media Profits …for your local business.”

Information about social media marketing is ubiquitous on the web and often confusing and overwhelming for a small business to implement. The Social Media Profits guide claims to offer a simple system to help local businesses create a manageable social media plan in just 15 minutes a day.

The guide discusses 8 social media sites that a local business should be aware of. To prevent overwhelm, a marketer is encouraged to focus their attention and planning on three networks in particular.

An excerpt from the guide reads; Three networks above all others constitute the “Big Three”. Unless your audience absolutely does not hang out there, it’s best to sign up for and create a presence on all three… You don’t even have to visit all three individually to post on them (more on that later). You can literally publish content to all three networks with one click, in less than a minute or two.

The guide claims that there are two trends driving the phenomenon of social search. The first is the massive increase in mobile use. The second is an increasing reliance on word of mouth recommendation and the breakdown of privacy barriers on the net. An excerpt from the guide reads; People are now used to living their lives publicly, and don’t hesitate to make themselves heard.

The guide goes on to explain why planning is key to social networking success and where a local business should focus its attention for maximum results. There is a summary intended to help a reader understand what the top 3 social networking platforms are and their importance in the local business marketing mix.

Information in the guide also points out some pit falls to avoid citing one critical mistake it claims marketers make in social media and how they can avoid it. It discusses what it claims are the three fatal flaws that derail some social media marketing plans before they even get started.

To claim the guide, a visitor to the LocalHood Marketing Fan Page just needs to like the page while they’re logged in to their Facebook account. A second page will then display allowing the visitor to unlock the download. The visitor can choose to share the report or not. Since the point of social networking is sharing, its expected that most visitors will want to share the guide with their friends and followers by clicking a share button on the page.

About LocalHood Marketing

LocalHood Marketing manages the Canadian web presence directory which is in beta release. “LocalHood” is a LocalHood Marketing trade mark. For more information, go to Questions can be directed to (289) 752-7335 or toll free 1-888-975-9222 email: info(at)localhood(dot)ca


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