Email Management Solution Gets Funding Boost

(PRWEB) March 26, 2012

KnowledgeMills OnePlace cloud and on-premise solution makes the classification of emails and documents a natural part of Outlook and Office, and gives collaborative workers a shared single file for any customer, project or legal matter without ever leaving the familiar environs of Outlook and Office. The user task of filing is reduced by over 90% through self-filing emails and intelligent tagging, and IT overhead is dramatically reduced by separating information rich business emails from disposable emails.

Founded in 2009 by content management experts from some of the worlds largest law firms, KnowledgeMills enterprise grade software can handle 10,000s of users, asynchronously filing emails to avoid performance hits, and works seamlessly with existing document management infrastructure to add effective handling of todays very high volume of information rich emails. KnowledgeMill currently partners with Oracle, EMC, Microsoft and Fujitsu to service enterprise customers.

KnowledgeMill CEO Hisham Anis said We have transformed Outlook to accommodate the fact that email is the de-facto dominant store of documents and business information for businesses today, and this funding and expansion of resources signals that we are building a world-leading business around that innovation. Its great to bring experienced venture capital providers such as Seraphim and MMC into our team he added.

The company underlined its ambitions with the appointment of Peter Norman as Executive Chairman. A veteran of British technology success stories Psion PLC and Sophos PLC, Peter said KnowledgeMill have an extraordinary opportunity to reverse the fragmentation of filing that happened with the explosion of email, by bringing into Outlook the underlying concept of single shared storage without the user compromising on flexibility or even having to consciously file 80% of their business correspondence. He added My job is to help guide them to rapidly build a world leading business from this significant product technology.

For further information, contact:

Hishram Anis on 07717 542847, hisham.anis(at)knowledgemill(dot)com

Peter Norman on 07720 291949, peter.norman(at)knowledgemill(dot)com

Notes to Editors:

About KnowledgeMill

KnowledgeMills ( OnePlace software provides a unique level of email management for collaborative workers in large and medium size enterprises. Designed to cope with todays high volume, email-centric style of working, OnePlace automatically files emails and documents in folders that are shared between users, all from within Outlook in order not to disrupt established working habits. OnePlace separates key business data from disposable emails, directly addressing the many problems of email bloat, from efficient retrieval to efficient storage and archiving.

About MMC Ventures

MMC Ventures ( is an active investor, dedicated to backing entrepreneurs to create valuable companies. Founded in 2000, they currently have

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