Designing A Door Hanger Template

If you are looking for a way to promote your business or raise awareness for a campaign promoted by your company, then one way you can do that is with the help of door hangers. However, in order to get the best out of them, you will need to create a door hanger template that is not only able to send the message you want, but it is also able to impress the person that finds it hanging on their door knob.

When designing a door hanger template, it is important that you ensure it has the proper and useful dimensions, and that you reserve enough space so that it fits a door knob and the main and the support messages are placed in a prominent area. Furthermore, if you intend to use images, make sure that you place the images that you want on the hanger properly and that it has the
proper borders in order to organize and complete your whole message.

Besides these important aspects that you should always pay attention to when creating a design, another characteristic that you should include is the flexibility of the door knob hole. Keep in mind that nowadays there is a very wide variety of designs of doors, therefore, when designing the door hanger template you should be certain that they can be placed on all kind of door knobs.

In addition, the door hanger hole should be integrated into the design, as it will make it resistant, as opposed to regular door hanger design, that are usually easier to break and fall off. Once you settled on the exact place where you are going to place the door hanger hole, the next aspect that you should concern yourself with is the actual template. It is not advisable that you choose small printing template in your main message, because it was proven that a larger font has a better impact on people. If you use small printing, chances are, people will not even bother to read it or simply cannot see the message. Another disadvantage is that you will need an extremely good printer so that the writing style from the door hanger template you designed is exactly the same on the printed version.

One way you can draw attention with the door hanger is to you use a non standard shape, as most people expect to see a rectangular that they are already bored with. Therefore, when you are working on the design of the door hanger template, you should start researching for an unique shape because it will certainly make them and your campaign more interesting. Furthermore, if you start working with an unique shape, chances are you will find more creative ways to place your message and the images on it.

Finally, you should make sure that you are picking up the right colors for the background and for the writing and borders. If you manage to combine the design of the entire template with a well defined content, then you will certainly create one of your best marketing campaigns.

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