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  1. Sue Clinton
    Sue Clinton says:

    Crowd funding can also refer to the funding of a company by selling small
    amounts of equity to many investors. This form of crowd funding has
    recently received attention from policymakers in the United States with
    direct mention in the JOBS Act; legislation that allows for a wider pool of
    small investors with fewer restrictions. The Act was signed into law by
    President Obama on April 5, 2012.

  2. Peter Eccles
    Peter Eccles says:

    When we look at successful individuals, or companies that achieve market
    share beyond their initial dreams and plans, you can quickly see that
    Timing is Everything. This is even more true about CrowdFunding.

  3. Mike Smith
    Mike Smith says:

    Angel investments bear extremely high risk and are usually subject to
    dilution from future investment rounds. As such, they require a very high
    return on investment. Because a large percentage of angel investments are
    lost completely when early stage companies fail, professional angel
    investors seek investments that have the potential to return at least 10 or
    more times their original investment within 5 years, through a defined exit
    strategy, such as plans for an initial public offering.

  4. Melody Cartwright
    Melody Cartwright says:

    Crowdfunding is a collaborative effort of individuals to pool resources,
    usually via the web, to support entrepreneurial, cause or creative projects
    initiated by other people, businesses, and community groups. People
    sometimes confuse crowdfunding with crowdsourcing – another form of
    community engagement to outsource tasks. The distinction is crowdfunding
    raises money from people for an idea or something tangible and
    crowdsourcing pays money to people for an idea or something tangible.

  5. Wendy Cambell
    Wendy Cambell says:

    Criticisms were levied against the House version of the bill as “gutting
    regulations designed to safeguard investors”, legalizing boiler room
    operations, “reliev[ing] businesses that are preparing to go public from
    some of the most important auditing regulations that Congress passed after
    the Enron debacle”, and “a terrible package of bills that would undo
    essential investor protections, reduce market transparency and distort the
    efficient allocation of capital”.


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