“Discover the RIGHT Way to Start Your Own Consulting Company – And How To Quickly Be IN BUSINESS – Ready To Take The Order.”

Here are the steps you need to take to set up your own consulting company so that you can get from your current Point A to your desired Point B – and are ready “to take the order.”

Have you been considering starting your own consulting company?

  • Have you wanted to tap your aggregate expertise and become a consultant, coach, mentor or adviser – and get paid for helping people and companies succeed?
  • Do the ideas of a 17 second commute, very casual clothes, choosing your own hours and travel schedule, living wherever you want to live and being in control of your own destiny and earnings sound so appealing that you want to start sometime yesterday?
  • Does this Point B sound similar to your own vision?
  • Then, why are you still stuck at your current Point A?

Maybe you are “stuck” and overwhelmed with all the known, and unknown, action items required to “connect all the dots” so that you can REALLY get from Point A to Point B.

Read this article to find out the multitude of major “must know” components I’ve learned during my past two decades as a successful, totally independent, international consultant.

Individual and Personalized Mentoring & Consulting
To Expedite Your Successful Consulting Company Start Up

Do one, or more, of these profiles describe your personal situation?

  • You might have considered becoming an independent consultant but weren’t sure what all the action steps might be hidden in those Deviled Details.
  • With the current Great Recession, you might have lost your job and decided that you need to offer consulting services as a way to generate income until you can find your next “permanent” job.meeting
  • With the loss of wealth and buying power, you might have a need to earn more money than your current employment provides and are considering moonlighting by offering consulting.
  • You might have decided that you want to taste test consulting to see if it really is something you like.
  • You might already know you want to be a consultant – but want to know how to start a successful practice and get it positively cash flowing before you quit your “day job.”
  • You might already be “in business” but not getting the kind of consulting business you want – or the amount you want.

If any of those profiles are even close to describing your personal situation, read on to learn what it takes to set up a successful consulting company fast – so you are quickly ready to start promoting your services and are ready to “take the order.”

Is EVERYONE Going To Be A Consultant?

It could be that the trend is already there for everyone becoming a consultant – whether they want to or not.

A recent article in Money Magazine “The Rise of Freelance Nation: Money Magazine” had the following point:

“Today about 30% of the U.S. job market – roughly 42 million workers – is made up of independent contractors, part-time or temporary staffers, and the self-employed. By the end of the next decade, long after this recession is a distant memory, this “contingent” workforce will have grown to about 40% of the market, experts predict.”

Companies everywhere are looking for ways to cut costs – and they can save a bundle by hiring a contingent workforce.

That way they don’t have to pay for health insurance, vacation and sick days, matching FICA, office space, office equipment, telephone and Internet lines…the list goes on.

All totaled, this can save a company between 25% and 60% of their human resource related costs. No wonder so many companies are making this move to independent contractors as consultants.

But what might this mean to you?

It may mean that your job function, whatever it may be, is going to be outsourced to a “consultant” – or whatever you want to call the new “contingent” position. Whatever the position, there may be a chance that your current corporate job will no longer exist as an internal position.

Why not beat them to it?

Why not start your own consulting business now and be ready to “take the order?”

Why The Focus on “Take The Order?”

My focus for my students is to get them to turn “pro” as fast as possible.

Cash is King in most environments – but with the current Great Recession, it is of crucial importance for several reasons:

  • The faster you have your business “in business” – the faster you can start generating funds for living expenses and / or growth.
  • The faster you go pro, the faster you will establish AND refine your value proposition so you can better sell to your real prospects.
  • The faster you start taking orders and giving your clients spectacular results, the faster you start gaining those golden and invaluable testimonials that can help you greatly expand your Known Universe and establish credibility.
  • The faster you are in business, the faster you can start working “on your business” instead of “in your business” – meaning you can aggressively promote your services and products for more sales.
  • The faster you have the baseline products and services available, the faster you can expand your offerings by re-purposing your current content.

The faster all of the above happens, the faster you will get to your own personal Point B.

But until you are ready to “take the order”, you will still be closer to your current Point A.

“Robert Lee Goodman is an excellent colleague to work with, and collaborate on the details of your business needs. He is highly professional, and will far exceed your expectations.

Mr. Goodman listens to your needs as a businessperson, and knows exactly what it will take to implement your business, introducing various questions and concerns (variables that could effect your business) that every businessperson should be aware of. He is a pro-active thinker, who establishes a plan of attack of what you will need to fulfill on your concerns and have all of your needs handled, and does not waste unnecessary time.

I would highly recommend Mr. Robert Lee Goodman to anyone who is looking to launch their business, or who needs a person to trouble shoot their problems with existing structures of their business. A definite 5 STAR performance!!!”

– GoldStream Associates

One On One: Topics Customized To Your Consulting Business

My goal is to help you turn pro as fast as possible by getting you from your current Point A to your desired Point B.

To help expedite that goal, you and I will spend several hours on the telephone together – discussing and brainstorming about YOUR consulting business. The following lists include some of the topics we will probably cover when you and I have our private and personalized telephone meetings or with our emails.

One of the key differences with Consulting Company University:  I don’t just show you what needs to be done and how to do it – I actually help you do it!

Here’s some of what we cover:

Want To Be A Consultant? What You Can Expect

  • Your vision and goals.
  • What consulting is NOT.
  • Your Five Year Life – are your personal and business goals congruent?
  • Niches and sub niches.
  • Your Special Ingredient.
  • Pricing – setting your rates.
  • What, exactly, will you sell?Chief ImpleMentor - Mentoring and Implementation for the Start Up And Emerging Company
  • How to test drive being a consultant and turn “Pro” by earning your first dollar without giving up your day job.
  • Earn while you learn – with the goal of you quickly earning back more than you paid for your Degree from Consulting Company University – maybe even before we finish the course.
  • Your specific questions about what you can expect from being a consultant and setting up your own consulting business.

Setting Up Your Consulting Business

  • Branding yourself.
  • Name and structure of your consulting company.
  • Initial web presence.
  • Getting paid and taking money.
  • How to always be ready to “take the order.”
  • The legalese – the good, the bad and the ugly.
  • Identifying your specific market.
  • Researching your competition – white hat / black hat.
  • Identifying your tangible deliverable.
  • How to avoid “commodity” pricing.
  • Your personal price/volume curve.Chief ImpleMentor - Mentoring and Implementation for the Start Up And Emerging Company
  • Your queue and your standard, priority and top priority rates.
  • Think beyond just trading hours for dollars.
  • What other products and services can you sell?
  • How to re-purpose your existing content.
  • Your Action Plan -The Deviled Details.
  • Sample Action Plan.
  • W3 = WHO? Is Doing WHAT? WHEN?
  • Your prepackaged, fixed solution products or services.
  • Your specific questions regarding setting up your business.

Promotion, Marketing, Advertising And Your Known Universe

  • What won’t work.
  • Establishing your authority in your field.
  • How to find out what your customers really want.
  • Identifying your customers’ real problems.
  • Find out how marketing and sales distill down to two primary issues.Chief ImpleMentor - Mentoring and Implementation for the Start Up And Emerging Company
  • Google AdWords – how to cost-effectively use them.
  • Your value proposition.
  • Your sales pitch.
  • Increasing the size of your Known Universe.
  • How to offer something free – that’s genuinely meaningful to your prospects.
  • How to use audio/video/articles to increase your Known Universe.
  • How to use free teleseminars, webinars, press releases and social networks to increase your Known Universe.
  • Understand the Know/Like/Trust Equation.
  • How to get fast track traction and testimonials.
  • What to give away for free.
  • The right way to handle web traffic to your site.
  • Building your list.
  • Developing opt-in forms with the right kinds of “ethical bribes.”
  • How to set up autoresponders for automated contact and follow through selling.
  • Your sales pitch and understanding the science of selling.
  • How to write good web copy and email copy.
  • Your specific questions regarding promotion marketing advertising increase in the size of your Known Universe.

Running The Business

  • Automating your process.
  • How to minimize doing things twice – unless you’re getting paid for it.
  • Your Statement Of Work – the controlling contract for most of your gigs.
  • Avoiding ambiguity.Chief ImpleMentor - Mentoring and Implementation for the Start Up And Emerging Company

  • Avoiding “creeping elegance” – unless you’re getting paid for it.
  • Sample Statement Of Work -the major moving parts.
  • Your general consulting agreement.
  • Your long-term consulting agreement.
  • When to cut rates – and when not to.
  • Problem areas and pitfalls to avoid.
  • Problem clients – how to avoid / how to fire.
  • Discover how to minimize or even eliminate collection costs and time wasted on getting clients to pay.
  • Tracking your time.
  • Managing the workload.
  • Raising your rates.
  • Protecting your intellectual property.
  • Your own business model.
  • Adding value to your services.
  • Sample documents:
    • Sample Bids / FAQ / Emails
    • Sample Time Tracking and Billing Spreadsheet
    • Sample Consulting Statement of Work
    • Sample Consulting Agreement
    • Sample Long-Term Consulting Agreement
    • Sample Financial Models – For Consulting Business – showing typical revenue sources, expenses, cash flow, etc. for first five years in business.
  • Your specific questions regarding running your business.

What Do YOU Need To Know? What Do YOU Already Know?

How much do you already know about all of the above topics?

If you don’t know the answers, how, exactly, and when are you going to find those answers by yourself?

Think how much more prepared you will be to start your new consulting business once you know all those answers and have all of those sample documents.

Whether we work together or not, those are the starting point issues that you will need to define and refine for success with your consulting business – so get all those answers any way you can.

Even though the above topics are the suggested starting points for all three degrees at Consulting Company University, I want us to spend our time answering those critical path questions and issues that are the most important to you – and your new consulting company.

If you already know some of the above, then we will adjust the curriculum to reflect your history and experience and focus on more advanced topics that will help you better succeed.

“We hired Robert Goodman on two separate occasions as a business consultant. Each time he has provided superior service and outstanding results.

Robert’s keen insight into the unforeseen complexities of corporate business; as well as, his ability to communicate these obstacles in a strategic plan is second to none.

successfull skillsBecause of Robert’s extremely diverse background he is able to road map very detailed and easy to follow guidelines that greatly improve upon the mission trajectory. Robert is a very intelligent and gifted individual that any company would benefit from his involvement.

Through Robert’s involvement our company was selected in 2004 by Silicon Valley Bank as one of the top ten emerging technology companies in the United States. Robert provided the business and financial plans that were presented to the venture capital panel which eventually lead to People Soft giving us a verbal commitment of involvement.

We were highly praised on our preparation and presentation because of Robert Goodman. I am reminded of the words of Jim Abrams; “A smart businessperson is one who makes a mistake, learns from it, and never makes it again. A wise businessperson is one who finds a smart businessperson and learns from him how to avoid the mistakes he made.”

I would recommend Robert to any company that believes they could benefit from an honest, extremely intelligent, effective leader.”

– Designworks Software

This Is My True Value Proposition For You

My true value proposition for you with any of the three Consulting Company University Degrees include these DOZEN benefits to you:

1. You will finally be IN business – and even test driving your new consulting business, going after real clients and real money – and potentially earning your first money before you get your degree.

2. You will be ready to show the World what you do with a fully functional and accessible Web presence with your own domain name and domain name email address.

3. You will be ready to start branding and promoting your products and consulting services to paying prospects.iStock_000004470299XSmall1

4. You will know how much to properly charge the RIGHT prices for your products and consulting services.

5. You will know how to best show your prospects how you can help them – and why they should hire you.

6. You will know how to have your clients automatically and immediately pay you money – without waiting for “the check is in the mail.”

7. You will know how to minimize, and even eliminate, collection problems.

8. You will have a financial model for your business plan showing your income, expenses and cash flow – so you can realistically forecast your profits for the next five years.

9. You will finally have the confidence you need to be in business – without fear of embarrassment of being unprepared or unprofessional.

10. You will be ready to “take the order” for your products and services.

11. You will have the starting point documents, agreements and statements of work you must have to protect you – and to enhance your professional image.

12. You will finally have your questions, concerns and stumbling blocks answered about YOUR consulting business – so you can proceed “full speed ahead!”

Do you see real value for YOU from those dozen benefits?

My goal with my Consulting Company University is to coach, mentor, direct and even help you implement all those known, and unknown, tasks and action items that are required for you to have your own successful consulting company.

Are you ready to finally get to your Point B?

Who Is Robert Lee Goodman And Why Does He Think He Can Help YOUR Consulting Company?

I’m Robert Lee Goodman – and I’ve been a successful, independent management consultant for the past two decades. In that time, I’ve learned what works – and what does not work – and I would like to help you avoid many of the mistakes I had to learn the hard way.

Let me give you a quick 143 second summary of my past three decades of experience to show you a few credentials that might start convincing you – wait, on second thought – if you really want to see my detailed backgrounder, or if you just want a free sample as a
Robert Lee Goodman, MBA and Chief ImpleMentor template for you to develop your own profile, click Robert Lee Goodman.

Otherwise, let’s focus on a quick summary of the main moving parts of my own consulting business – and how that might be a help to you with your own new company – including a free lesson about your own goals.

To date, my company, Ceo Resource LLC, has already helped THOUSANDS of diverse companies and their CEOs in 49 of the 50 states and in nearly four dozen countries on six of the seven continents with their business planning, problem solving, dragon slaying, fundraising, mentoring, virtual executive and plan implementation needs.

By choice, virtually all of my marketing and sales for the past 20 years has been via the Internet – so it’s just as easy for me to have a client in Sydney, Australia or Paris, France or Paris, Texas – as it is to have a client ten miles down the road.

Virtually all of these THOUSANDS of CEOs found me via my Internet marketing.

By focusing on Internet marketing, I was able to gain the time, geographic and financial independence that were the most important factors in my personal business plan for my own consulting business.

I can easily operate my consulting practice from our home – or from just about any other place in the World we might choose. This is all by design for the lifestyle we decided that was right for us.

No wonder that I love what I do!

Your lifestyle goals may be the same – or they may be completely different.

The free lesson here is that there are no wrong answers – just different answers – as long as you can have the lifestyle that is right for you.

Whether we work together or not, set your own Point B where YOU really want it to be – and the critically important part: make sure that your personal and your business goals are totally congruent.

Would You Really Benefit From A Consulting Company University Degree?

If you are not prepared to aggressively move forward toward your own Point B, then Consulting Company University is probably not right for you – and both of our time, and your money, would end up being wasted.

At this point in my life, I’m delighted to say that I get to choose who I want to work with – and I still love working with bright, energetic entrepreneurs – helping them tap my talents and experience to accelerate the achievement of their goals.

Does that describe YOU? Could you benefit from my expertise and experience?

Are you really determined to do what it takes to get to your own personally defined Point B for your own consulting company?

If you answered enthusiastically YES to all of those questions, then I invite you to consider taking one of my three Degree programs – or tapping my hourly mentoring service – so I can help you get to your Point B as cost-effectively and time-effectively as possible.

“Thank you for the great job you did for the past four months during your consulting contract as the Virtual Chief Operating Officer of Internet Community Concepts!

As I have mentioned to you several times, you are one of the best business persons I have come across in more than 23

iStock_000004470299XSmall1years of starting and running my various businesses. The breadth and depth of your insights and acumen, your consistently cool and logical problem solving abilities, your quick and decisive “dragon slaying” and your management style – along with your honesty, integrity, outstanding charisma and leadership skills, have continually impressed me as you have used those talents to help ICC.

Between your work on our business plan, establishing our web presence, bringing focus to our systems, procedures and management approach, dealing with securities law issues, handling operations, doing “whatever it took” to get the job done, and meeting every commitment – on time – that you ever made, it has been a real pleasure working with you.

As I have also mentioned to you several times during the past four months, you have been a stabilizing force that has kept the company together as we have moved forward toward our ultimate goals for success.

My only two regrets are that we didn’t hire you a year earlier – and that I have not been able to convince you, yet, to become the company’s full time CEO!”

– Internet Community Concepts

The Deliverables

The primary goal with this Degree is to get you in business, with basic branding so that you can immediately begin promoting your consulting services and be ready to take the order and deliver your services and products.

Here are some of the typical deliverables you will receive with your Kick Start Degree:

  • Five hours of phone / email mentoring time 1:1 with me – to cover the above topics and answer your specific questions.
  • One hour per week is the Standard Service – so you have time to absorb and start using the training.
  • Five Year Life Analysis to make sure your personal Point B and business Point B are congruent and are on the same path.
  • Business Plan Planning Worksheet completed to define your specific strategies and tactics for YOUR consulting company.
  • Basic branding / name / legal structure decisions done.
  • Products and services defined.
  • Pricing / rates established.
  • Web presence / domain name / email address with free hosting for one year if needed,
  • Simple single page blog online with basic blog training for updates.
  • PayPal account set up help so you can immediately start taking payments.
  • Your ability to take the order fully implemented and automated.
  • Sample documents covered
    • Sample financial model
    • Typical Action Plan
    • Sample Statement of Work
    • Sample Time and Billing Spreadsheet
  • The basics you need to be in business and ready to take the order!
  • Tuition – Only $1,195.

In addition, I offer one on one mentoring and consulting by the hour for those of you who just need the right answers to the right questions – or might need a little help getting from your current Point A to your desired Point B – or for follow on support and mentoring after your graduation.

“I chose Robert Lee Goodman to help me with developing a new business plan (critical to the funding of my company’s 2nd round of equity financing) based upon previous recommendations — which were outstanding. Now I know why every one of Robert’s previous clients was so enthusiastic about the service they received. I highly, highly recommend Robert if you are serious about the future of your business planning!”

– Provast

As I mentioned earlier, I only want to work with those entrepreneurs who are serious about aggressively getting to their own personal Point B – and I don’t want either of us to waste our time – or for you to waste your money.

Are YOU serious about YOUR consulting company Point B?

Get Ready To Take The First Order For YOUR Consulting Company
By Starting Right Here – Right Now

Consulting Company University is focused on expediting all the necessary action items for YOU to be “in business” and ready to “take the check.”

That’s the purpose of Consulting Company University – to give you the insights to design your own business model, your business plan, your action plan, your personal plan to answer all the questions that come with your desired consulting company Point B.

Benefit from all of this 1:1 mentoring and consulting by reserving your spot now.

Once you have made your payment, we can immediately get started – and start moving you from your current Point A to your desired consulting company Point B!

Wishing you stellar success for your own consulting company,


Robert Lee Goodman, MBA
Ceo & Chief ImpleMentor
Ceo Resource LLC

PS:  One of the key differences with Consulting Company University:  I don’t just show you what needs to be done and how to do it – I actually help you do it!

Note: All prices and terms are subject to change and to my time availability. Priority Service is available at a 50% premium and Top Priority Service is available at a 100% premium over the Standard Rates listed above. Please click Queue  / Priority Service for details.