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Here’s how to get the essential expertise you need – before it’s too late.

Which of my consulting and mentoring services can best help you right here, right now, get you from your current Point A to your desired Point B?

Below, you can choose the right number of hours you need of my Standard, Priority and Top Priority Consulting and Mentoring Services.

Individual and Personalized Mentoring & Consulting
Hourly Mentoring

With my 30 years of achievement, experience and an MBA from a top-rated, world class program, I have the background, credentials and capabilities to help your company fight your own, very specific dragons.

Although many offer management consulting services – very few have my three decades of direct, hands-on CEO-level experience of actually conceptualizing, starting, staffing, funding and operating four dozen, multi-industry companies – experiences that can directly benefit the quality and reality of your own business planning.iStock_000005080691XSmall-300x199

If you select my individualized management consulting service, I will be the one working with you – with this service, your business will not be delegated to a junior-level staffer with a new MBA. My own Presidential / Key Executive MBA is seasoned and amplified by 30 years of CEO-level experience.

Does it REALLY make sense for you to risk all the time, effort and money you intend on investing in your new venture by choosing a cheaper, less experienced approach for your business planning and mentoring?

Or, does it make much more abundant sense to choose a business planning consultant and mentor who is a proven, successful entrepreneur – someone who has raised over $25 Million from angel investors and venture capitalists?

Shouldn’t you choose a proven expert who can both coach you with practical advice and who can genuinely help guide you and your new company past all those dragons and other obstacles that currently stand between your company’s present and the successful future you envision?

I invite you to check out my profile for details on my background, credentials and experience.

I have found during my past 17 years of consulting with start up and emerging companies that many dragons can be slayed with just a few hours of mentoring. Often, it just takes one or two insights and epiphanies to get my clients past those dragons and much farther down their path toward achieving their goals.

Get Help Now

The power of these quick insights is why I offer my clients my hourly Mentoring Service.iStock_000003617260XSmall-300x199

Are there other issues, problems or opportunities you would like to brainstorm about your company?

Below, you can usually sign up for as little as one hour of mentoring. Once you sign up, we can immediately schedule a teleconference to discuss your dragons and your goals.

Of course, we can’t solve every problem, and slay every dragon, in only an hour or two – but, together, we might be able to efficiently brainstorm some quick answers for you – and a genuinely implementable action plan – that will get you past these pesky dragons and get you closer to your vision of success.

Reserve your brainstorming and mentoring time now.

Limited Availability

One-on-one mentoring and dragon slaying is probably the most enjoyable part of my Virtual-Exec Service for me. I love the rapid fire brainstorming and efficient problem solving with my clients – and being able to provide so much pivotal help in such a short period of time.

If you, and your own company, could benefit from this individualized service, I offer this mentoring in one, two and five hour increments of time.

Businessman writing on a whiteboard a business plan(My standard billing rate is $175 per hour for Standard Service, $265 per hour for Priority Service and $350 per hour for Top Priority Service. Time billed in quarter-hour billing increments. Please see Queue for a detailed description of the three levels of service.)

However, my availability for one-on-one mentoring can be very limited due to my other client, corporate and personal commitments and time requirements. Hence, some of my mentoring options may be unavailable at any given time.

Reserve Your Time Slot Now!

To reserve your consulting time slot, click Make Payment and choose the number of hours you wish to reserve.

Note: Priority and Top Priority Service receive preferential scheduling.

  • Ten Hours of 1:1 Consulting and Mentoring – Standard Service: Cost: $1,750.
  • Five Hours of 1:1 Consulting and Mentoring – Standard Service: Cost: $875.
  • Two Hours of 1:1 Consulting and Mentoring – Standard Service: Cost: $350.
  • One Hour of 1:1 Consulting and Mentoring – Standard Service: Cost: $175.

Scheduling Your Mentoring

Once you prepay the retainer – we will schedule a mutually convenient time so that we can get started right away! Just click the above link and choose the number of hours that best suits your needs.

Virtual Executive Service

Although my billing rate is $175 per hour for Standard Service, my Virtual Executive Service offers you a very cost effective way to reduce my rate to as low as $75 per hour.

Depending on your needs, I can provide senior-level executive services to your company at the reduced rates as low as $75 per hour plus out-of-pocket expenses, based on the committed, minimum number of hours per month shown:


The chart shows how the hourly rate varies by the committed, minimum number of hours per month you need. It also shows how much savings you gain each month from my Virtual Exec Service.

For example, say you choose 40 hours per month of my Virtual Exec Service. This would equate to only a relatively minor $5,000 per month increase in your payroll – a small price to pay in exchange for very senior-level experience and expertise on your payroll for a full week each month – for only as long as you need (minimum of 90 days, maximum of 365 days) and without any of the usual overhead costs. Over six months, my Virtual Exec Service would save you $12,000 compared to my standard rate.

The above price breaks are at 20 hours per month (half a work week per month); 40 hours per month (one work week per month); 80 hours per month (two work weeks per month – or, essentially half time); and 160 hours per month (four work weeks per month – or, essentially full time.)

How many work weeks per month of additional, senior-level executive talent could you use right now helping you each month at this critical time for your company?

In addition to the greatly reduced hourly rate for my Virtual Exec Services, you also get another major benefit of selecting the Virtual-Exec Service over my standard Mentoring Service: My weekly commitment of time to you will be treated as Priority Service instead of Standard Service.

Hopefully, this approach addresses your particular needs and goals. If not, I would be glad to discuss other alternatives.

Powered-Wig Legalese On

The above options are subject to my availability and assume the following terms, in addition to, and superseding, my standard terms and conditions, and are subject to change and withdrawal prior to any mutual agreement and implementation:

The minimum committed number of hours per month would be paid, whether used by your company or not, for a minimum period of three months, six months or 12 months as shown in the above table. Cancel at any time after the agreed minimum commitment with only 30 days notice.

Fees for actual hours billed (for the minimum committed number of hours per month, plus any out-of-pocket expenses, plus any additional hours for the prior month) would be paid within three days of the start of each ensuing month.

Any time over and above the minimum committed number of hours per month would be on an “as needed” and “as available” basis, and billed at the same committed hourly rate.

Note: Please be aware that additional hours beyond the minimum committed number of hours per month may not be available even if needed – due to my other client, corporate and personal commitments. To help ensure my availability for your company, please adjust your minimum committed hours to match your best estimates for your needs for my services.

A retainer of first and last month’s or last two months’ expected billing would be paid at the beginning of the engagement and used toward payment of the last month’s or last two months amount due at the end of the engagement.

Payment would be made to Ceo Resource LLC, as an independent consultant, so you would have no payroll overhead or benefits associated with my services.

Powered-Wig Legalese Off

Hopefully, this approach addresses your particular needs and goals. If not, I would be glad to discuss other alternatives.


Fundraising Tactics and Action Plan

One of the many dragons you will face with your fundraising is that you are constrained by both state and federal securities laws as to who you can approach and who you can have as an investor.

Generally, this includes the strict prohibition about publicly soliciting investment from the general population. The penalties for this are so onerous that you will not want to even technically, let alone overtly, violate these laws.

There are so many dragons lying in wait for you at every turn, you need to ensure you have guidance from someone familiar with this dangerous and complex path.

I can offer you support and help on your fundraising tactics and help you develop a securities law compliant action plan with my ImpleMentor Management Consulting billed at $175 per hour.

Click Finding Your Funding for more details.

Investment Web Site for Fundraising

Now that you have your business plan and PPM for raising your capital, how are you going to find and approach investors?

As mentioned above, you are constrained by state and federal securities laws for your fundraising. Given those limitations, how many expensive business plans and PPMs do you plan on printing and distributing? Don’t forget to count all the “tire kickers” who may
iStock_000004470299XSmall1end up wasting your time.

There is another solution.

After you complete your Business Plan and PPM, I can take the major moving parts and create a controlled-access set of web pages for your company to highlight your business plan so that prospective investors can gain a sense of your goals and the opportunity without them needing to plow through the whole plan as an expensively printed document.

These web pages (about 8-10 separate pages with charts, etc.) are required to be password protected with limited access in order to comply with state and federal securities laws. There are several other securities law issues that are involved in the design and presentation of these pages so don’t try this at home!

This approach allows you to efficiently handle all the “tire kickers” so you can focus on the real prospects it generates. Once the prospect has completed the Questionnaire that will be part of your PPM, you can point them to hidden files on the web site for them to download an Acrobat copy of the full Business Plan and/or the Private Placement Memorandum and Subscription Agreement to either read online or to print for themselves, significantly cutting your cost and speeding up delivery of the documents.

Cost: $1,995 for Standard Service. Additional hours of ImpleMentor Management Consulting billed at $175 per hour for design, format and other changes.

Business Plan Review

If you already have a business plan, this service will give you an independent review, critique and suggestions for improvement along with minor narrative changes.

This review also includes a general review of your business model and operating issues – and helps ensure that your business plan covers more than 150 key questions that will better prepare you for the questions that almost every angel investor, venture capitalist and banker will ask you.

The Business Plan Review Service also includes up to one additional hour of ImpleMentor Management Consulting on your business model, operations, implementation and funding.

Cost: $650 for Standard Service. Additional hours of ImpleMentor Management Consulting billed at $175 per hour.

On Site Strategy & Planning

Most plans and planning can be done virtually via email, phone and fax.

However, there are many instances when collaborative on site meetings are the most cost and time effective approach – especially when your company and management team are already in place.

I will meet with you and your management team at your offices or satellite locations for one day, up to 8 hours, to review and refocus your business model, operations, implementation, plan needs, fundraising tactics and strategy and action planning.

Cost: $8,200 for continental USA destinations. $21,500, for destinations outside of the Continental USA. This include all travel time to and from your location with the meeting day lasting up to 8 hours.  Additional days, or partial days, are charged at $2,600 each. For example, this means the cost of a one full day meeting in the continental USA would be $8,200 and a three day meeting would be $13,400. Travel expenses are extra. All air travel and hotel accommodation are with first-class service. Likewise, my daily rate if you are within 50 miles of my location is the same $2,600 per idem, inclusive of my travel time with the meeting day lasting up to 8 hours.

Both the fee for all anticipated days and all expected travel expenses are due and payable prior to meeting and are exclusive of any and all costs and fees associated with the production of any business plan, action plan or performance under any other agreement for services.

After the Plan: ImpleMentor Management Consulting and Virtual Executive Service

Ceo Resource’s ImpleMentor Management Consulting and Virtual Exec Services specialize in cost effectively helping start up organizations, entrepreneurial ventures and new business formations slay the dragons that block the path to the success they envision.

Once your plan is completed, I can assist you, either virtually or on site, with all the steps required for funding and implementation. And, since we have worked together to develop your plan, I will already understand your business and can be immediately productive.

Can you see how it might be helpful to have me continue to work with you on funding and implementation of your plan for an hour or two a day?

Cost-Effective Compound Knowledge, Implementation and Dragon Slaying

I hate seeing companies fail – especially when, with the right timely guidance and mentoring, they would have not only survived – but also thrived.

How can my accumulated Compound Knowledge most help your company, right here, right now?

What will it cost you, and your organization, in lost revenues and wasted time, by NOT having this kind of broad, senior-level executive experience and expertise on YOUR team right NOW?

With telephone, fax and email, I can often help slay many of your dragons from afar – minimizing costs and reducing, if not eliminating, travel expenses. Even if you use my Virtual-Exec Service for just a few hours a month, I can likely still make a significant difference in your company’s effectiveness and profitability.

With my Virtual-Exec Service, I will help you identify the most dangerous dragons threatening your organization, derive solutions and implement the most necessary actions within mutually agreed guidelines and budgets.

Ready for Action or Still Have Questions?

Contact me today to discuss how my mentoring and Virtual Executive Service can help you and your company better succeed.

Best wishes for stellar success,

Robert Lee Goodman, MBA
Ceo & Chief ImpleMentor
Ceo Resource LLC

Note: All prices and terms are subject to change and to my time availability. Priority Service is available at a 50% premium and Top Priority Service is available at a 100% premium over the Standard Rates listed above. Please click Queue  / Priority Service for details.