Chasing UFOs – James Fox's WOW! Reply

Chasing UFOs - James Fox's WOW! Reply

35 years ago, we received a signal from space. It came to be known as the Wow Signal. Now, we’re crowd-sourcing a reply. Chasing UFOs’ host James Fox has a r… Coupa combines the best e-procurement and expense management capabilities in a single solution that is easier to use, faster to configur…
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  1. ArtypNk
    ArtypNk says:

    I said it before, and I will say it again: Lets not try and make contact
    when all we have in orbit are unarmoured weaponless drones. Lets build a
    couple of kinetic energy using fighter squadrons, then we can talk.

  2. michu070
    michu070 says:

    i think any smart person can agree that aliens exist on other planets but
    im not willing to say earth is some interplanetary tourism spot.
    interstellar travel doesnt sound fast even with some kind of infinite power
    gravity engine thing that constantly accelerates. just looked it up and the
    nearest star is 4.2 lightyears…. yeah i dunno about earth being the super
    vacation zone

  3. Carolyn Harmon
    Carolyn Harmon says:

    Yea..I know how you feel James. I hear they’re right around the corner, but
    i wouldn’t hold your breath toooo long but don’t stop lookin up either!

  4. chaosmucker
    chaosmucker says:

    they will make there selfs known soon and they will fool the world into
    thinking they are aliens and they are our gods but in fact they are the
    nephilims coming back for the tribulation. Rob Skiba research him and

  5. Project Petri
    Project Petri says:

    well said 🙂 anyone who does not believe that aliens from outer space, are
    visiting earth all the time (before they even created man) needs to open
    there fucking minds! thats why the government is keeping it a secret from
    the public. most people cant handle the truth.

  6. morpher44
    morpher44 says:

    I don’t think we can guess at their motivation and to assume its because
    they are interested in our “culture”, is just a psychological projection on
    your part. Everything I know about this subject has them being stealthy,
    secretive, sometimes benign, other times down right terrifying,
    manipulative, w/o care for the humans they scar. Further, there are likely
    human groups that also want to keep this a secret, and are willing to
    commit crimes to that end. Wow indeed.

  7. vincentskate01
    vincentskate01 says:

    i’d say the ufo’s we see are probes, specificly designed for searching
    other intelligent forms of life, sent by alien civilizations. we’ve been
    sending unmanned probes into space for decades, imagine if there are aliens
    who’ve been sending probes for thousands of years, maybe even travel
    through time/space warps or something

  8. oldi184
    oldi184 says:

    I agree they are sometimes terrifying. I think there must more than one ET
    civilization visiting us. Many of them are peaceful they only watch us but
    some of them can be evil. They abduct or scary people who encounter them.
    You think “Dyatlov Pass incident” was one of this “evil” ufo?

  9. EverythingIsOKsoton
    EverythingIsOKsoton says:

    Good for you JAMES FOX! Ufo’s are real as you or I. Old as time itself,
    either black projects, Et’s or inter dimensional beings. Read the book
    Dimensions by Jaques Valles.

  10. crunkidy2
    crunkidy2 says:

    yall ppl!!! calling the guy crazy… Dont you see the world how it is??

  11. Alex Bovicelli
    Alex Bovicelli says:

    James, you have shot the most credible and professionally done
    documentaries on Ufos. That is hardly crazy. When’s the next one by the way?

  12. Project Petri
    Project Petri says:

    indeed space is insanely big. but imagine a race like us (just 10000 years
    ahead, or even millions of years) would be able to travel faster than light
    (sorry Einstein) through wormholes or dimensional gateway of some sort. and
    don´t think is earth is “some interplanetary tourism spot” more likely a
    planetary experiment. there is a reason why the human race is so VERY
    different, compared to all other living creatures on earth.


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