Certified financial planner: A growing field in India


Who is a certified financial planner?

A certified financial planner (CFP) is an educated, trained and licensed individual who is responsible to manage other people’s finances. These CFPs ensure that your finances are well managed, so that you can achieve your financial goals.

Individuals who successfully complete the certification are awarded a diploma. A certified financial planner would help you manage your funds and invest efficiently. It is very important to clearly specify your financial status to the CFP.

CFP’s also help you in the following ways:

Know your short-term and long-term financial goals
Estimate the cost of your financial goals keeping in mind the inflation and price rise
Identify any possible problems to achieve your financial goals
Develop a personalized financial plan and present it
Implement the financial plan so as to achieve your goals by managing money that you have
Monitor the financial plan by analyzing what was planned to be achieved and what is actually achieved

Certified financial planner CFP course in India

If you are a certified financial planner, you are amongst the most respected and in-demand professionals.

The demand for the CFP course in India has noticeably increased.

Noticeably, in the last few years, the demand for the CFP course in India has risen.

People expect more duties on their shoulders along with their financial responsibilities.

As incomes are steadily increasing, on the rise, people now seek professional guidance for investing money in smart avenues so as to avail maximum benefits and plan their goals accordingly.

Not only is this increasing, but also the The number of job seekers, looking out for a decent job in India or abroad. is growing fast as well. With a certified course like CFP in hand, the job seekers get an upper hand over the others.

Companies like ‘JP Morgan’, ‘Citi Bank’, ‘HDFC’, ‘Kotak’, ‘American Express’, ‘Reliance’ and ‘ING’ hire job seekers who are certified financial planners to deal with their high net worth clients.

Registration and post-course completion benefits

The procedure for CFP registration has been simplified for applicants through online hassle-free websites.

You simply need to go online and register for the certified course in financial planning to get going.

Those who complete the Certified Financial Planner CFP course will carry all the required skills and knowledge to give professional financial planning advice. It goes without saying that, their services are welcome by KPOs, banks, insurance companies and financial services companies.

As you successfully complete your NCFM Registration and complete the course you can avail the following benefits:

Enhanced career opportunities in world renewed companies, banks and management companies
You personally feel satisfied that you have achieved the most respected standard in the financial planning profession
CFP is a completely recession proof career
Build satisfied relationships and business deals with more clients
Create more revenue opportunities by increasing services offered

As the popularity of CFP course in India has increased, more and more people aim to become certified financial planners. Thanks to the support of CFP professionals, managing the finances is simplified. 


Interested people can visit http://www.financialadvisors.dspblackrock.com site for online registration. Below link might help you:

CFP Study Material

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