The Problem-Plagued Rollout Of Kansas' Medicaid Enrollment System

The Problem-Plagued Rollout Of Kansas' Medicaid Enrollment System
Photo by KHI News Service File Photo In August 2011, Kansas officials announced a $ 188 million contract for a new high-tech Medicaid enrollment system with Accenture. They said the new Kansas Eligibility Enforcement System would replace a clunky …
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How the Average Triumphed Over the Median
The four diners looked like they were 20-, 30-, 40-, and 50-years-old. You want to say how old they were. How do you do it? You say how old they were on average, of course. The average is central to how people talk about data. It is far and away the …
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A millennial's guide to buying a house
Now he and his fiancée are owners of a $ 700,000, five-bedroom house in Whitby, Ont., where the real estate market is booming thanks to demand from people priced out of nearby Toronto. … Bob is a consultant and Carol is a health-care professional …
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Latest Workbook To Predict Your Life In Five Years News

Tamil New Year is Almost Here; Come Predict The Future With Us
The day, 14 April this year, marks new beginnings and makes me wonder about the future and my place in it. Ruminations are typically for … In fact, some of the most startling predictions have typically come from science fiction and fantasy writers …
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Predicting sepsis mortality
“Most of the people we evaluate, we have about two or three hours where we're going to make decisions, and for critical care patients, it may be five or 10 minutes,” Taylor said. “Time is definitely compacted, which makes it more … ability of …
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