How Ricoh Conquered the Business Blog…

How Ricoh Conquered the Business Blog
In other words, it's a big company with a big range of products. Finding a common goal on which to focus its business blog and social media strategy is a task and a half. But Ricoh has been particularly good at segmenting and separating all of this …
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Supply, Demand and Interest Rates: Why One thing Leads to Another
Yes the Fed will continue to taper, but other investors are expected to step in and fill the gap. The Fed isn't the only bond player in town. Matt Tucker, CFA, is the iShares Head of Fixed Income Strategy and a regular contributor to The Blog. iS-12796 …
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Memorial Hermann The Woodlands names new CEO
… Urban's responsibilities ranged from hospital operations, where he oversaw construction, engineering, facilities and environmental services, to specialty service lines, where he led strategy for business units such as emergency services, specialty …
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Aetna and LHS Health Network Form ACO in New Jersey
… ACO strategy by collaborating with provider systems, which include multi-payer primary care, Medicaid primary care, state-wide ACOs and multi-line multi-payer ACOs. As a consequence, Aetna's ACOs are gaining traction and enhancing the core business.


Reducing Turnover: How to Make Your Employees So Happy They'll Never Want …

Reducing Turnover: How to Make Your Employees So Happy They'll Never Want
The key is to develop an employee retention strategy that fits your business culture. 2. What do you stand for? Why do your employees stay? What do they need more of? Ask them: you'll be surprised. Brandie Yarish, director of talent and culture at …
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5 Tips to Turn Your Business Into An Educational Powerhouse
If you don't plan on frequently updating it with original content—at least once a week—you may want to reconsider blogging as part of your content marketing strategy. An ignored blog or a blog with poorly written articles will do your business more …
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Are You Creating Content For Conversions or The Converted?
Your content marketing strategy is designed to build an audience for your blog. You're trying to create content that folks will consume, like (literally) and share with their friends and colleagues. Related Resources from B2C » Free Webcast: The Art of …
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Scaling Data Collection to Protect Consumer Privacy
Businesses across industries constantly struggle to develop an effective Big Data strategy, yet many fail to recognize that gathering every possible morsel of customer information will only leave them bogged down, drowning in an unyielding data deluge …
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Business Leaders – Reduce risk and boost your sales revenue

Business Leaders – Reduce risk and boost your sales revenue
We are due to launch a series of mentored, peer-group coaching sessions, aimed at providing franchisors with skills in digital marketing to help reduce risks, develop integrated on-and-offline strategies, generate leads, and boost sales. Consultant Sue …
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A chat with SunTrust's new Durham-based region president
The promotion is part of SunTrust's new local-oriented focus. It's a strategy shift that comes out of research, Bell explains, pointing to a recent survey that shows business owners don't trust the national economy. They do, however, trust their companies.
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5 Job Search Mistakes and How To Fix Them
5 Job Search Mistakes and How To Fix Them · Human Resources. By Personal Branding Blog, Published May 11, 2014 … When you lack a strategy for your job search, it's easy to feel like you're wandering aimlessly through job boards and postings. Every …
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Home · The Blog · Analysis · Comment · News review · In-house · Archive · Financial data · Countries · Awards · The Legal 500 · The Lex 100 … Charlton told Legal Business: 'Thirty percent of our promotions were in Asia as it is strategically very …
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Reinsurance prices to hold up better at mid-year renewals: Munich Re
However Munich Re's strategy of diversifying and growing its large single-risk or tailored cover business is helping the firm to maintain profits. Jeworrek said that the firm is also ready to give up premiums where they do not meet the firms technical …
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Are You Ready to Lose Control?
Shona Brown and Kathleen Eisenhardt have been advocating an order-over-control approach for organizations for many years. (I found the book they co-authored, Competing on the Edge, one of the most insightful business books I have ever read and I …
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UK patent tax break fails to impress SMEs
It was also hoped that the Patent Box might encourage UK SMEs to look more closely at their IP strategies and file more patents. “Improving access to … Businesses can only benefit from the tax break if they already have patents. For many SMEs, the …
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Kroger CEO McMullen talks about managing big changes at Harris Teeter
That's when its hugely successful Customer 1st strategy was born, placing customers at the center of every decision the company makes. It has invested more than $ 3 billion per year in meeting customer needs. The results speak for themselves. Kroger has …
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Creating Content Is Hard — Here Are Three Strategies For Making It Easier

Creating Content Is Hard — Here Are Three Strategies For Making It Easier
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Where to Buy the Samsung Galaxy S5
I'm sure Samsung will change their whole business plan to accommodate you :p. reyalP. I don't me just for me but a lot of the other … Since Samsung sells a sh*t ton of phones, I think they're strategy is working. evilfatcow. I hate Samsung but they …
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SPROUT Content Team Becomes HubSpot Certified and Celebrates a Drastic
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Business Partnerships… a proven success strategy

Those power couples such as the Kennedy’s, Posh and Becks and the Clintons all represent strength in numbers! And if you are to follow the religious beliefs on creation without Adam and Eve where would we be today?

The importance and relevancy of partnerships is not solely confined to individuals but commercially partnerships make sense too. Think Abercrombie and Fitch, Ben and Jerry’s, Dolce and Gabbana  and Rolls and Royce to name but a few lucrative pairings!  So why do we not make more of an attempt to form successful partnerships in the businessworld? Why let all those famous duos have all the success….

Partnering in business makes sense

For years academics the world over have been singing the praises of formulating partnerships for business value.  The very definition of business partnerships suggests its value;

Business partnering is “the development of successful, long term, strategic relationships between customers and suppliers, based on achieving best practice and sustainable competitive advantage”(Lendrum, 1997).

Mohr and Spekman in their research into characteristics of partnership success, indicate that the primary characteristics of partnership success are:

Partnership attributes of commitment,
Communication quality
Conflict resolution technique of joint problem solving

Hence the importance of finding the right partnership for you!! It’s a matter of simply assessing your needs and finding the best solution, or taking advantage of how a partner’s offering can enhance your market position and success!! After all a partnership is about increasing the strength of a business and should be always seen as an advancement in the company’s growth model rather than viewed as a step-back as some (thankfully a minor majority) of ill-informed cynics do!

A pig-headed determination to always go it alone, may no longer seem the entrepreneurial dream  you first thought, when John in the next office block, has took a chance on a carefully selected partner and as a result maximised his profits and reach, whilst alleviating much of the associated pressures of doing this single-handedly!

Personally I think it all comes down to the fact that you can’t be good at everything! Work hard and capitalise on your forte and get help for weaker areas that are someone else’s forte, making your entire business model one big forte!!!! Ok so practically things aren’t always as simple as that but the thought process isn’t far off!

The benefits

OK, so there’re plenty of partnerships you’re rhyming off in your head right now as not being successful at all… though to be fair of recent times these relate mainly to personal or marital relationships… I’m thinking of all those Tigers and Ashley’s that make the Medias job way too easy!

To be fair when it comes to business partnerships, the absence of heart over mind can often be the saving factor! That is not to say you enter a partnership solely on a corporate match, obviously an ability to effectively communicate with a partner and to ‘like’ what they do and what they stand for is a must also! Generally in business however, we have the ability to be much more objective, focussed and clear in our decision making processes!


In choosing the RIGHT partnership there are lots of benefits to be gained:

It’s more cost efficient!
It increases a company’s competitive advantage
Increased opportunities in revenues, occupation and investment in the sector of application
Strengthens a company’s position and product/service offerings
Additional support available
Increased knowledge in certain areas
Reputation advances – you gain the reputation and customer loyalty that your partner has worked hard to acquire, simply by association!
Partnering takes a new approach to achieving business objectives. Business partnering creates a no more traditionally-based solidarity or “organic”, but a rationale form of “mechanic solidarity” (Durkheim, 1893)

Essentially, Partners work together to achieve an agreed common aim whilst each participant may still retain different reasons for achieving that common aim.


Partnering with Maildistiller

If you’re already familiar with Maildistiller’s company ethos you’ll know where all about our partners! Our partners are literally our primary focus second only to supplying them with the best in internet and email security! So confidently I can agree with all of the above. We have seen major success in our partner network and this is where we intend to continue our efforts! See how a partnership can help you and your company achieve more, after all two brains are better than one!  Anyways, I’ll leave you with some very wise words from Alan Greenspan:

I have found no greater satisfaction than achieving success through honest dealing and strict adherence to the view that, for you to gain, those you deal with should gain as well.


Client services and marketer for Web and Email security company Maildistiller.

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Blog: With speech to industry, Arvind Kejriwal makes his case
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