Why You Should Stop Looking for a Job, and Improve Your Skills Instead

Why You Should Stop Looking for a Job, and Improve Your Skills Instead
… the world. Our lifestyle and career blog, Brazen Life, offers fun and edgy ideas for ambitious professionals navigating the changing world of work. … About nine months into starting my company, Growth Spark, I had to decide whether to continue …
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Uber – Taking on The Global Taxi Industry One City at a Time
If anyone had told me that one day I would start a blog by quoting Eric Idle of Monty Python as well as former U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner, I would definitely have called them a liar and a scoundrel and challenged them to a duel at dawn. Let me …
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Media Alert: Young Innovators Take Center Stage at the Intel International …

Media Alert: Young Innovators Take Center Stage at the Intel International
The world's largest high school science research competition, the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, a program of Society for Science & the Public, comes to Los Angeles May 11-16. Approximately 1,700 high school students selected from …
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Make Jeff Graber Laugh in 60 Seconds and Your Mac, iPhone or iPad Repair is
Starting at 9am EST on Monday May 12th, they will be launching a new promotion, whereby, anyone who comes down to the store can get a one-time, free repair on their out-of-warranty Mac, iPhone, or iPad if they can make the owner, Jeff Graber laugh …
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Innovating Outdoors
Many of us possess fond memories of warm spring or early summer days when instead of sitting in a stale, cold classroom we were given the opportunity by a cooperative teacher to escape the confines of the building and enjoy a class outside. My favorite …
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Meet a Toronto Mayor: Horatio Hocken
Each month in the run-up to the municipal election on October 27, Torontoist will profile one of the 64 people who served as Mayor of Toronto—people who shaped the city, displayed colourful personalities, or managed to do both. Portrait of … We want …
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The Chinese Are Coming, and It's Going to Be Fine
The former U.S. Treasury secretary on China's economy, bitcoin, and the problem with new ideas. Isaac Stone Fish … Why America's global dominance in military technology is starting to crumble. Michael C. Horowitz …. In particular, the inter-agency …
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Fortinet Strengthens Cloud Security Offering: Supports VPN Access to Microsoft …

Fortinet Strengthens Cloud Security Offering: Supports VPN Access to Microsoft
Starting today, customers can immediately benefit from a secure virtual private network (VPN) access to Microsoft's Azure cloud offering while leveraging Fortinet's broad and multi-layered security technologies across network, application and content …
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Infor Enhances Key Human Capital Management Applications
NEW YORK, NY — (Marketwired) — 05/05/14 — Infor, a leading provider of business application software serving more than 70,000 customers, today announced significant updates to Infor HR Knowledgebase and Infor HR Case Management, two leading …
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Raytheon to design 'world's most advanced digital radar' for the Office of …

Raytheon to design 'world's most advanced digital radar' for the Office of
Raytheon, the Waltham-based defense contractor, has been awarded an $ 8.5 million contract to design a radar system for the Office of Naval Research, the company announced Tuesday. Raytheon (NYSE: … Prior to becoming COO at Raytheon, Kennedy had …
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Data Doesn't Speak for Itself
I trained as a statistician and first joined Bell Labs in the network performance group. A year or two after I started, it was time for my first big presentation at AT&T Headquarters. I completed my prep well in advance and rehearsed carefully. Then I …
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Three Ideas To Start Your Own Business

Starting your own business can be, for many people, one of the most liberating things you can ever do. You can leave that nine to five grind behind forever, and there’s no limit to how much money you can make. You are your own boss, and you set your own hours. If you are the least bit interested in starting your own business, then this article is for you. You’ll learn a few ways to figure out how to get started, so you can make your dream a reality.

Most people don’t think they are skilled enough, or have enough knowledge to start their own business. Many people are under the impression that you need to have some kind of fantastic invention or build a better mousetrap. This is just not so. Plenty of people are making their living doing things that you yourself could probably do just as well. All you need to do is find out what they are.

The first step is to make a big list of anything that you know a good deal about. You don’t have to be the world’s foremost expert in the field, but anything where you know more than the average person on the street is fine. Put as many things on your list as possible, even if you think they don’t make any sense. Expert accountant, great cook, perfect at hooking up satellite TV, anything you can think of. These are seeds that can lead to potential riches should you decide to provide your services to others.

The next step is to consider anything that you can do with your hands. Have you ever built anything? Fixed anything? Changed a tire on your car? Anything that you can do reasonably well with your hands can be the basis of a lucrative home based business. Most people would rather pay somebody else to do these things than do them themselves.

Think back as far as you can, and come up with as many of these skills as you can.

One way to get into your own business is to run a franchise. These are simply stores, or shops, that are part of bigger chained. They are independently owned and operated, yet they contain the corporate brand and image. They also come with existing products, procedures, and marketing. The benefit of this is that they are relatively turn key, meaning you can get started right away.

In short, there is no limit to the kinds of businesses you can start on your own. You just need persistence, determination, and creativity. Everything else will happen as a matter of course.

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Enhancing America's immigrant advantage

Enhancing America's immigrant advantage
The SBA reports that in 2008 immigrant entrepreneurs generated nearly 12 percent of all business income in the United States. … In October 2012, the Kauffmann Foundation released a study which found that the number of high tech immigrant-funded start …
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There Has Never Been a Better Time to Start a Company in Canada – Here's Why
The gap is most apparent at the early stage, where it's almost impossible to get anyone to buy into your idea and take a bet on you without showing meaningful revenue traction in your business. The idea of “raising money with a PowerPoint deck” is …
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Millicom International Cellular: Notice of First Quarter 2014 Results and …

Millicom International Cellular: Notice of First Quarter 2014 Results and
Millicom, the international telecommunications and media company (Stockholmsbörsen: MIC), will announce its first quarter results for the period ending March 31, 2014 on April 24, 2014 at 08:00 AM (Stockholm) / 7:00 AM (London). The company will host a …
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The first film in the Divergent franchise is off to a fast start, grossing $ 117 million at the domestic box office in its first three weeks of release, and it continues its international rollout this weekend with openings in France, Germany, Russia …
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The Power of Amazon Search

The Power of Amazon Search
That was the moment I realized the power of Amazon search as a tool for not only getting people to buy my book, but also as a way to generate leads and traffic for your business. Here is what I did, and … on these findings. I am still improving this …
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Relyco Celebrates 25 Years as a Leading Provider of Printing and Payment
On April 1, 1989, I took a big risk in starting Relyco because I saw an opportunity to build a business built on strong customer service and quality products," said Steinberg. "25 years later, we are a business that continues to grow with more than 20 …
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5 Easy-to-Implement Marketing Initiatives VPs Might Be Overlooking

5 Easy-to-Implement Marketing Initiatives VPs Might Be Overlooking
We're big advocates of newsletters because we've seen so much success with them when it comes to our own business. Whatever frequency you choose, a recurring recap of blog posts, white papers, product updates, etc. can be extremely helpful in keeping …
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B-school profs starting to take a hard look at games
by Isaac Knowles on 03/19/14 04:18:00 am Expert Blogs. 1 comments … Chris Ryan – a professor at the University of Chicago's prestigious Booth School of Business – is one such scholar, and a big reason he's attending GDC this year is to cultivate …
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JB Media hire new team members, moves to West Asheville
McCafferty, who recently became a full-time employee at JB Media, noted that she wanted to join the team after a now co-worker made a presentation at Women's Business Weekend. She mentioned that Justin Belleme, the JB in JB Media, is the type of … I …
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Is Your Content Marketing Strategy a Big Fat Lie?
You're a real human being with ideas, opinions, and feelings, right? Well, why aren't you sharing them in your web content?! If you think that all of your content has to have a formal, stuffy feel to it, you're going to wind up with a bunch of readers …
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