Canadian Association of Movers: A 10-Point Plan for a Summer Move!

Canadian Association of Movers: A 10-Point Plan for a Summer Move!
The most important way that CAM can assist is in helping to FIND A REPUTABLE MOVER – a mover who will provide professional moving services as agreed in the estimate, subscribes to CAM's code of ethics, meets CAM's business standards and commits to …
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Six ways to safeguard your data
With cyber security breaches dominating the headlines, many organizations across the globe have been questioning the security of their own websites and the privacy of their data. Regardless of the size or type of organization, the Canton Group found …
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Four Key Factors in Choosing Your RMM and MSP Service Automation Platform
That all said, if you're in the market for a new RMM provider, save yourself the headache and make a checklist of what you want and need. Ask a lot of questions and find out how the technology fits the needs of your business now, and in the future …
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COLTON: Rancho Avenue wreck killed Colton woman
Rich Brooks contributes to the PE Crime Blotter blog. …. Local Business Gives Away $ 129 Air Conditioning or Heating Tune-Ups for $ 69* INLAND EMPIRE-Your Heating and A/C unit is one of the most expensive appliances you have in your home. … or …
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Seahawks aren't the only birds running up big numbers

Seahawks aren't the only birds running up big numbers
See my blog for more. Then we had our unusual January deep freezes. From all your photos recently, bird feeders and birdbaths have been doing standing room only business in the snow and ice. Also as the area began to ice up, birds that don't ordinarily …
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Checklist: Saints need solid offseason to stay in Super Bowl chase
Brian Allee-Walsh's Blog on the New Orleans Saints and more at … Re-signing Graham is a high priority but it's not the first order of business on my 2014 OFFSEASON PUNCH LIST. Consider: 1. In order for GM Mickey Loomis and Coach Sean …
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RETAIL: BIG LOTS! now the thrift store for Hostess products
Reporter Laurie Lucas hosts the Retail blog. She loves to save, spend, …. REGISTERED CONTRACTOR ** Property owners should talk to their tax advisor on the deductibility of property tax payments. hero Local Business Gives Away $ 89 Heating or A/C Tune …
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Google Glass: A mind meld with the surveillance state

Google Glass: A mind meld with the surveillance state
On January 20, tech blog The Gadgeteer broke the story of how this Glass-wearing moviegoer was forcibly removed from the theater by agents of the Department of Homeland Security because of their fear that he was pirating the movie with Glass's …
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Deploying tablets in the workplace: Don't write off the pen
It started with workers bringing them in on their own and now corporations are beginning to deploy them to employees. Tablets have benefits over other … Asus Transformer Prime: Perfect for business trips (review) · What I want: Asus Transformer Prime …
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B2B content strategy – the gutcheck review
Have you integrated your free premium content in #4 and #5 into calls to action that entice readers from your blog posts into deeper content, and eventually freely sharing their data with you in fair exchange for demonstrated value? 7. Have you … Are …
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Une star du « Washington Post » passe sur le Web

Une star du « Washington Post » passe sur le Web
Sauf qu'il s'agit d'Ezra Klein, éditorialiste et créateur du Wonkblog du Washington Post (le blog des « dingues » de politique du WaPo) qui officialise son changement de cap, annoncé depuis quelques jours déjà : il quitte la presse papier, direction …
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Boeing 777X targets to become ultra long-haul leader

Boeing 777X targets to become ultra long-haul leader
Aspire Aviation believes applying Airbus' seat standards in terms of pitch in a 3-class configuration in these comparisons most accurately reflects the reality, which adopts a 60 inches seat pitch for business class seats whereas Boeing assumes a 39 …
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Google's Creative Destruction
A guy who founded a successful company in Boston but is planning to start his next firm in San Francisco isn't a sure bet. "He'll revert back to that 15% rate," Kraus says, "because he's out of his personal network and that limits how quickly he can …
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A Complete Contents Insurance Quote Checklist

No matter whether you’re renting from the nicest person on earth or live with someone but don’t own the house, you need a contents insurance quote and make certain you’ve coverage on your belongings. The landlord’s insurance policy doesn’t insure your property and neither does your cohabitants’ insurance if you are living with someone. You need your own.

Choosing the right insurance at the best price can be very challenging. You should utilize a good checklist where you list every contents insurance quote and the benefits it provides. Additionally you need to understand each coverage item so that you know whether or not this fits your circumstances.

Contents Coverage-This will be the actual level of insurance coverage you actually carry and the ceiling the insurer pays if everything is lost in a fire or other disaster covered by the policy. The policies are called HO4 insurance policies and they cover 16 named perils.

1. Riot or Civil Commotion
2. Fire or lightning
3. Aircraft
4. Vehicles
5. Hail or windstorm
6. Smoke
7. Explosion
8. Vandalism or Malicious Mischief
9. Theft
10. Falling Objects
11. Volcanic Eruption
12. Weight of Ice, Snow, or Sleet
13. Sudden & Accidental, Cutting, Burning, Tearing Apart or Bulging
14. Accidental Overflow or Discharge of Water or Stream
15. Freezing
16. Power surges

Deductible-The deductible is what you have to pay out of your pocket per claim. The higher the deductible, the lower your insurance cost. Be sure to compare apples to apples when you get a contents insurance quote. Even though some company’s contents insurance quote might be lower, they also may have a higher deductible making it so you’re getting a lot less than the more costly policy.

Replacement Cost-If you have a disaster which wipes out all your belongings, the insurance adjuster depreciates the items. If you have a five-year-old $ 800 refrigerator, the adjuster uses the cost you paid and after that deducts an amount for every year in use. You could end up getting as little as $ 100 toward the overall claim. If you have replacement cost coverage on a policy, the adjustor applies the dollar amount it costs to replace the item at the time of the loss, not the price less depreciation. This makes a difference on the price for a contents insurance quote.

Scheduled Personal Property-Most policies have limits on coverage for several things such as furs, sporting equipment, jewelry, coin collections and art collections, to name a few. Should you own a really expensive item of jewelry or equipment, you’ll want to insure it to value by using a scheduled personal property rider. Be sure you include the various costs included in your contents insurance quote. You can also get a scheduled personal floater that raises the coverage for those who have many items, like a coin collection, of high value but no one coin over a specified amount.

Liability-Each policy includes a liability section, coverage in case someone sues you for injury at your house. Compare the amount when you’re getting a contents insurance quote.

Computer Insurance-If you love all the bells and whistles, you might want to consider including extra insurance on your computer equipment.

Business Riders-Home businesses face additional losses. If you’re business is in the fledgling stage or doesn’t have that much equipment or exposure, consider adding business merchandise coverage, incidental business liability or a home business rider and be sure to compare the price of the addition and coverage when you are getting a contents insurance quote.

Theft Coverage Protection Endorsement-Most policies limit the protection for theft. Add this rider to extend the limit. Note the amount of insurance coverage provided when you’re getting your quote.

Land and mine subsidence coverage, earthquake coverage, and sewer and drain back-up-These three additional insurance coverage riders aren’t for every purchaser. Land and mine subsidence coverage provides you with insurance should your home and contents slide down the side of a hill in a mud slide or disappears because the ground gave way from subterranean mining. Earthquake coverage and sewer and drain back up are self-explanatory.

Watercraft and Recreational Vehicle Endorsement- In case you keep a boat or Rv in your back yard, some companies provide coverage for them but others don’t and you need a rider. When you’re getting a contents insurance quote, make sure if it’s included or if you need a rider.

Before you start shopping for a contents insurance quote, you’ll want to estimate how much insurance you need. Although you may lose $ 20,000 worth of items in a fire, if you only have $ 15,000 worth of coverage, that’s all the insurer pays. Make a video of all of the items in your house and then make a list of the values. If you select replacement cost coverage, estimate the price of replacing an item not the amount you purchased it for. Once you have decided on a total sum, you’re ready to get a quote and your policy.

We now have more information on our web site about the coverages and options that are offered when looking for a contents insurance quote and details for finding cheap contents insurance rates. Feel free to stop by and visit us at any time.