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bfa HSBC Franchisor of the Year Awards Top 20: Franchisor of the Year [part 2]
Part of that plan looked to increase network turnover whilst simultaneously capping the number of franchisees, which enshrined a focus on franchisee success, not on franchise sales, and demonstrated the company's commitment to ethical franchising …
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Storytelling and Community Involvement Drive Marketing Innovation at Vega
The ancient art of storytelling has become central to the digital marketing age, as brands big and small nationwide are looking for new ways to engage consumers and attract new ones through 'authentic' conversation. Yet the word authentic has become so …
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Brandis' futile plan to 'stop the bytes'
The cost to Australian business will be substantial. Telcos will be given the onerous task of 'stopping the bytes': identifying pirates and additional compliance costs. The rest of Australian business will have to bear the cost of monitoring corporate …
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Latest Small Business Marketing Strategy,Blog News

Six Ways MSPs Can Win with Help Desk
… Can Win with Help Desk. Apr 30, 2014 by N-able Guest Blog in MSPmentor Blog … Need for Speed: With every incident that comes into the help desk, no matter how small, remember that everything is an emergency in your customer's eyes. If you can …
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22 Ways to Ramp Up Your Content-Marketing Strategy
As the founder of Pinetop Group, a content and video-marketing agency, I often get asked by small-business owners how to improve their content marketing strategies. … Content can be anything from updating your evergreen pages to creating a blog post.
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Sales veteran's Sock Monkey Marketing mixes corporate and Internet marketing …

Sales veteran's Sock Monkey Marketing mixes corporate and Internet marketing
Wells says her company plans to help businesses identify strategies they're not using, and to help implement them. For instance, she says some corporations fail to recognize a basic rule in Internet marketing: Within seconds, a visitor to your website …
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Multimedia content strategy: the customer journey and the big honking idea
Most digital marketers have probably spent some considerable time scratching their heads about how they can make their content more effective this year and beyond. If you're one of these people, then read on, because in this series I will be explaining …
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Infusionsoft Names Cleancorp the 2014 Small Business ICON
The approximate 3,000 ICON14 attendees voted Clearncorp the Small Business ICON because of the company's growth, innovative sales and marketing strategies and inspirational story. The annual contest held every year at ICON celebrates outstanding small …
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Content Marketers Must Keep Customer POV in Mind
Content may be "king" to some, and "queen" to others, but as this emerging marketing strategy continues to occupy the minds of professionals across industries, one may soon argue that content represents the entire royal family. Because the constant …
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The brick wall: No close encounters with Nintendo's indie exec

The brick wall: No close encounters with Nintendo's indie exec
A lot of smaller games are being funded for less than your average marketing budget, and the positive buzz you get from that kind of story is worth much more than some banner ads on a web site. And in terms of public developer support, well, consider …
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Here's How Businesses Can Turn Pinterest Into An Incredibly Powerful Tool
Do you have a Twitter marketing strategy? I imagine you do. … That's what makes the insights from the Pinterest Business blog so helpful. … Infographics and smaller images command more click-throughs because they're unreadable from the Pinterest site.
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Coke for all seasons

Coke for all seasons
… our business strategy. What role does social media play for realizing the trend among the target audience and how does it help the company to plan its marketing strategy? … Coke had come up with a campaign 'small world machine' on similar lines …
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7 Tips To Great Social Media Marketing Content Strategy
7 Tips To Great Social Media Marketing Content Strategy image business blog strategy hoyp0c … Holy Kaw employs a small army of folks who sniff out the weird, strange, and unusual, while Alltop features the best on business, health, etc from other blogs.
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Mapping the Imbalances of New York's Popular, Troubled Bike-Share

Mapping the Imbalances of New York's Popular, Troubled Bike-Share
The plan was always for the system to be subsidized by sponsorships rather than city funds. … "Rebalancing is an ongoing challenge for any successful bike share system," writes Dani Simons, director of marketing and external affairs for NYC Bike …
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Churning Crackdown Worries Credit Card Rewards Chasers
What started several years ago with a small number of hard-core devotees of the travel site Flyertalk has now blossomed into its own industry, with dozens of similarly named blogs highlighting card deals and advising people on how to accumulate and …
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Turnbull slams Twitter's NBN “craziness”
news Malcolm Turnbull has accused users of social networking site Twitter of misrepresenting his position on the Coalition's broadband policy during a stoush with a small business operator unable to get broadband in a rural area, with the …
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Using A Blog For Small Business Marketing

Blogs are an old idea coming full circle and back into the new age thing to do as a business. There a couple of reasons for blogging, some people actually make a living from just writing and keeping a blog on their favourite content. While a business owner should be using a blog for a completely different purpose.

A blog is a site either internal or external from your website that has a variety of content, links, photos, videos about a particular topic. It is content that allows your followers to become informed.

Blogging is just another tool in your business toolbox and your marketing strategy and should be treated as just as important as other marketing techniques.

Blogs for business provide an opportunity for you to educate your prospects, provide value to your customers or clients and show the world how good you are at what you do. It builds your profile.

A blog is also a great way to get people to follow you, to generate excitement and spread your message virally.

So lets start with some basics of a blog… You can get a blog either as part of your website or external from your website with programs such as or Having a blog as part of your website is more desirable as you can then send people from your blog to other parts of your website. It also provides traffic to your website which search engines like and therefore rank your website higher. However if you don’t have a website, not a problem just go and grab one of those free blog sites.

Now the purpose of a blog should be to interact with your community of prospects, customers and anyone that wants to follow you. You should be providing good valuable content and it should help your community in some way. Blog that are all about selling are never very successful and people get sick of going to them. Your blog should be interactive, it should have the ability to be shared through social media circles and it should have the ability for people to leave comments on and interact with you.

Blogs can be time consuming, however by having a blog and blogging weekly it does keep you and your business top of mind with your prospects and it also allows them to build a relationship with you.

Keys for a successful blog include mixing up your content, using video’s, photos as well as articles, linking your social media to your blog and vice versa, being consistent and producing content on a regular basis (this is sometimes a hard thing to stick to as it is often pushed to the bottom of the pile as it’s not seen as a money making activity – trust me it is)

So why not take a look at your blog and see what fun things you could do to keep people around and talking about your business!

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Why Your Small Business Needs a Small Business Marketing Strategy

Many small businesses grow organically, that is the size and direction (and often speed) of their growth is mostly shaped by trying to meet all the needs of all their customers.

While it is fun and encouraging to see your business grow, this sort of growth is rarely good for your business in the long run.In fact it can be a major reason for there not being any “long run” but rather a swift and painful dive into insolvency.

A small business marketing strategy will help you avoid many pitfalls that might otherwise derail your small business. Lets look at just three ways that having a small business marketing strategy can help you. These pointers deal with ensuring that you attract the right sort of customers.

Firstly, no business, let alone a small business, can be all things to all customers.Your marketing strategy will help you determine what your business is good at, and that will define more accurately for you the segment of the market you seek to attract.

Secondly, not all customers are equal. Some are a pain in the butt and take up a lot of your time but rarely buy anything. Others don’t pay on time or just don’t pay at all. Others are a pleasure to do business with. Your marketing strategy will aim to attract only those customers that you want to do business with.

Thirdly, having defined what segment of the market you can competently service and the type of customers you would be willing to do business with, your small business marketing strategy should determine where you can find these customers and how you can reach them with your message!

These are ju


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