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Diggin' In: Garden legacy Wife planted more than 300 species
Anne's woodland creation is an ideal example of how shade doesn't have to deter the beauty of a yard. "A garden does not have to be filled with colorful … Her blog can be read at Email her at More Stories …
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Shook, Hardy & Bacon LLP | Product Liability Litigation Report

Shook, Hardy & Bacon LLP | Product Liability Litigation Report
Croft provides an overview of class action law in various European countries and discusses the European Commission's proposals for a Europe-wide collective redress scheme. She also addresses the Consumer Rights Bill, introduced in the U.K. Parliament …
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Myths & Facts: Student Debt Crisis

Myths & Facts: Student Debt Crisis
As the two-year anniversary of student debt surpassing $ 1 trillion takes place this week, here is a sample of the network's past student loan misinformation. Loading the player …. In a post for University Business, Justin Draeger of the National …
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Education chief: Testing critics don't have plan
Field testing was done earlier this month with nearly 25,000 students across 500 schools taking sample versions of the tests. Eight lawmakers sent Jindal … Jindal called the proposal “a viable option if the Legislature does not act.” Efforts to kill …
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Pro Report: White House expected to push for new Russia sanctions – Taking the
Hadas Gold: “SCOTUSBlog, the Peabody Award-winning blog that covers the Supreme Court 'gavel-to-gavel' has been denied a Senate press pass, which in turns means it cannot be issued a press credential for the Supreme Court. The site's … has proposed …
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The Bloated 'HIMYM' Finale Ends Exactly Where We Knew It Would

The Bloated 'HIMYM' Finale Ends Exactly Where We Knew It Would
Turns out they're divorced, after their three year marriage ended over Robin's demanding travel schedule and Barney's equally demanding lifestyle blog. ….. “The biggest challenge we have today is not necessarily the science,” Norton says, “it's …
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The Problem with Food Porn Tourism
Those who write and blog about food for a living say the best policy is to ask first and don't assume every chef will be flattered by his or her creations being labeled as food porn. Elizabeth Minchilli, a Rome-based food writer and ….. Data from the …
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This Week On The Space Show

This Week On The Space Show
On Thursday before this program, I will upload to the blog a free chapter in his forthcoming book on the topic that he is gifting to Space Show listeners. … Dragos is a PhD candidate in space sciences at the University of Siegen in Germany and a …
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Markets Live: Gold miners cushion falls
Exposure to non-AUD earnings (mining/energy plus, for example, Bluescope Steel, Aristocrat Leisure, and Brambles);; A favourable movement in free cash generation from companies going ex-capex (major miners, Energy, Orica);; Exposure to the asset …
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Corvex And Related Release Presentation Detailing Portnoys' Record Of
This presentation provides a sample of such instances, and we urge shareholders to keep those examples in mind as they assess any claim by the Portnoys in the future. … LLC have filed a definitive solicitation statement with the Securities and …
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Home Affairs Committee – LGA, Centre for Public Scrutiny – Police and Crime …

Home Affairs Committee – LGA, Centre for Public Scrutiny – Police and Crime
It would only be useful in extreme circumstances where, for example, the proposed appointment was considered to be so inappropriate, which would suggest a significant failing on the part of the office of the PCC and the PCC in terms of their internal …
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How Job Proposals Can Get You the Job

Resumes just don’t cut it. It’s not enough, in this down economy, to submit a resume, cross your fingers, and hope for the best. You have to go through multiple avenues to make your mark and get noticed in a hiring process. Interviewing helps to a great extent, but a little boost can get you the job when it comes down to two candidates…yourself and another. That extra boost is a job proposal.

You may be asking yourself what a job proposal is. It is a tactic that is not used enough in job hunting, and is so beneficial to your portfolio. It almost sounds like something an employer should be giving you and not vice versa, right? Wrong. A job proposal is something you give an employer, once you get past the first screening process (the resume submission) to give the company an idea of how you can enhance the company and what you have to offer it. Resumes are great for reviewing your past accomplishments, and give a great baseline of your skill sets. Job proposals are designed to look towards the future, to show the hiring manager that if they choose you as their employee, you will accomplish several tasks for them.

The great thing about job proposals is the more creative they are, the better! You can submit a 1 or 2 page letter, you can do a PowerPoint presentation, or maybe even create a website tailored to your plan. If it’s appealing to the eye, creative, and has excellent content, you’re sure to catch someone’s eye. The point is you have to show the company that you understand their vision, and you want to help them achieve it. Some examples of what you could include in a proposal might be how to enhance an existing program (particularly useful if you’re going for a managerial position), introduce a new product or vision that you might have that can increase their revenue, or why to implement a new process.

This brings up another important point. The proposal should also be geared toward how you can improve the company’s bottom line. That could be through increasing revenue or improving accounts receivable.

Companies want to know why they should hire you over another. You’re going to have to prove yourself worthy, and proposals give you that extra edge over your opponents. They set you apart from the pack, and odds are that’s probably going to be one large pack. Combine multiple techniques, and you’re sure to get pushed to the front of the line.

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eBay CEO Donahoe gives Icahn e-commerce tutorial over PayPal plan

eBay CEO Donahoe gives Icahn e-commerce tutorial over PayPal plan
eBay CEO John Donahoe elaborated on why PayPal should remain part of the company in a move to argue against a proposal from investor Carl Icahn to spin off its payments business. … Mobile is the most recent example of this reinforcing network effect.
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Toronto Restaurant Openings: The Greek, Bindia, Mr. Mike's Pizza, Kintori, Bar
I have no idea how they stayed in business. I always … It's entirely applicant to exercise plays as a trafficker. baulk out sample sites. … The proposal and recommendations to… GTA Tripping: Ooh, a Psychic! It's blatantly obvious that "Psychic …
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Expand Your Brand with a Book
Or how about the “Oprah Effect,” in which an author on her show would experience exponential credibility and business growth. It happened to Dr. Oz, Rachel … Blogs, social media, article writing and speaking are all effective ways to build your …
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How to Generate Enticing Proposals Effortlessly?

Generating Proposals is one of the most crucial aspects in the success of any company. Good companies, without any doubt, are good proposal generators. A lot goes in writing an enticing proposal – a lot of study, research, and thinking. The rewards are equally enticing – more clients, more business, and increased profitability.

Having mentioned the importance of a proposal, it is important to know that there are a few factors that work towards making a proposal an eye-catcher. This article aims at providing some tips to turn proposal writing from a difficult to an easy endeavor.

Ensure that you are answering the client’s WIIFM question – Everyone is interested in knowing the answer to his WIIFM (what’s in it for me) question. Going through the proposal, the recipient should instantly feel that your product/service is “the” one that meets his needs. If your proposal is able to answer his needs properly, half of your job is done. Make sure that you let the recipient know that this is a win-win situation and both of you are winning through the solution.

Do not be too fussy about the length of the proposal – Business proposal are considered on their merit and not their length – do not fall a prey of the thought that a lengthier proposal is better than a shorter one. Do not beat around the bush, come to the point – make sure that every sentence in the proposal is related to the client’s problem or its solution in some way or the other.

Get the proposal proofread for grammatical and spelling mistakes – These mistakes can put the entire process in jeopardy. Once proofread by an expert, go through it again – this time putting yourself in the client’s shoes.

Would you accept such a proposal? Are you convinced with its content and grammar? If you are, then you have just finished writing an enticing proposal.

Try a proposal writing software and generate proposals online the easy way!

Nid Mark is a web designer as well as web content writer who has more than 7 years experience in content writing, Logo designs for designing brochures, business stationary, etc. In this article she discusses how to make bid winning business proposal For more information, please visit