Free Webinar: How to Leverage Server-Side Filters and Scripting To Add …

Free Webinar: How to Leverage Server-Side Filters and Scripting To Add
Lookup Keys can also be used to provide user- and role-based session information to the email service, email templates, external integration service, and URL integration links. Read more on the DreamFactory blog. Server-Side Filters. Until now, record …
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Canva Will Make You Look Like a Pro
Nothing can replace a professional graphic designer, but if that is out of your budget and you like to crate your own, this is the program for you. Here are 4 reasons why… … It doesn't matter if you are self-taught like me or have a degree in design …
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AppsGeyser App Making Academy Opens Its Doors
The time has finally arrived and it is with great excitement that we announce the AppsGeyser free Android app tool program has opened an Android app making academy. Creating an Android app has never been easier with the one click templates provided …


Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events
Entries are due June 1, and must use the template for submission found at The winning artwork ….. WINSTON-SALEM SYMPHONY CLASSICS CONCERT: 7:30 p.m. Saturday, 3 p.m. Sunday, 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Stevens Center, 405 W. Fourth St. The …
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Komando Q&A: Wife able to copy, see ex's texts and more
My wife and I filed for divorce last week. I noticed that, after we filed, she was able to copy and see all of the messages I've sent to other people. My service provider was flabbergasted and can't pin down what the problem could be. How is this …
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No regrets in Roni Koresh's Promises
The company just returned from their regular extensive touring year, during which Roni starting developing the new work while orchestrating tour programs, which typically are subject to his last minute changes. They were performing the wildly popular …
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How New York's Subway Signs Came to Be
In 1972, it started the Federal Graphics Improvement Program, which ran until 1981 and generated new identities for the U.S. Postal Service, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and about forty-five other federal agencies. “It is time …
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Will Jim Calhoun Coach Again?
Get the latest Connecticut Huskies news with The UConn Blog. Follow The UConn Blog … This all started when Andy Katz asked Jim Calhoun during the AAC Tournament if he would think about a return to coaching after watching his old friend Larry Brown …
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Get Your Renovation Details in a Contract
Last month's program is the largest annual gathering of Ontario lawyers and Gillott provided many practical tips about what homeowners should be aware of when planning a renovation — and how lawyers can help them in advising on the contracts. A …
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50+ Tools for Content Curation and Content Marketing
Tools for Content Curation and Marketing. Rebel Mouse is a program that allows you to organize your social creation and curation of content, including social amplification, advertising, and digital publishing in one platform. is a new player …
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If Jesus Never Called Himself God, How Did He Become One?
When Bart Ehrman was a young Evangelical Christian, he wanted to know how God became a man, but now, as an agnostic and historian of early Christianity, he wants to know how a man became God. When and why did Jesus' followers start saying "Jesus …
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Hall of Fame member Marilyn Barraclough has passed away
In Yellowknife Marilyn helped to instruct and run the local junior curling program. Later she began coaching … She successfully created the template for instructional adult leagues which are now popular across the country. In 1999 Marilyn and Wayne …
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Profit From Your Passions
Sign up for a blog template, such as WordPress, Blogger or Tumblr, and start posting regularly. Schedule a week's worth of posts … Google's Adsense, a free program that lets you embed ads on your blog, gives you a cut of the profits. Another …
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E Source Launches JourneyHub

E Source Launches JourneyHub
This E Source tool will help identify the components of customer journeys, such as starting and stopping service, outage communication and restoration, collections, energy-efficiency program participation, and interactions on the website and with the …
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Offseason spotlight: NC State
After making three straight bowl games, NC State decided to part ways with Tom O'Brien in hopes the program could take the leap to the next level of success. Instead, things went backward in a big way in Year 1 under Dave Doeren, but the Wolfpack view …
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Why — And How — Flacks Need To Change Their Business Model
One publicist whom I met at the Gorkana program told me she works with a large financial institution that's lately been in trouble with the law. She laughed … The immediacy of the web gives me the tools to act quickly on a real exclusive—by which I …
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Quick and easy design

Quick and easy design
Photoshop itself can also be quite daunting to a new user, so the learning curve on either program might not be worth climbing for someone who merely needs to create an occasional graphic for his blog, a poster or a presentation for the office, or a …
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Vocalist Gia Mora returns to Bethesda with an updated 'Einstein's Girl'
About year ago, she happened to hear an NPR “Science Friday” radio program featuring a dialogue between cosmologists and a novelist who incorporates science into his stories. Astrophysics and love have things in common, she said. … Mora launched her …
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Uni Watch: Cool gear for 2014 Games

Uni Watch: Cool gear for 2014 Games
… hockey jerseys. The bad news is that it looks synthetic and template-y; the good news is that it sort of mimics the look of the classic lace-up collar, which is more than we can say for the detailing on the football collars. … If you liked this …
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Film notes: 'Blood Brother' among movies at human rights film series
The documentary will be shown during Duquesne University's Human Rights Film Series and also Teen Screen, an educational program of JFilm: The Pittsburgh Jewish Film Forum. Share with others: Tweet. Related Media: Mad About the Movies blog: More PG …
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Messaging App LINE Now Has 330 Million Registered Users
FACEBOOK'S OWN MOBILE AD NETWORK: Facebook is testing a program to serve targeted ads on mobile apps outside its own social network, giving app developers a new way to make money. In a blog post, Facebook said it is working with a "small …
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NavWeek: Skimming the Surface
While the Navy is profiling the LCS as the template for future surface-ship programs, questions remain about the middle part of its name – that is: just how much of a combat ship is the Littoral Combat Ship? Some defense analysts say the LCS – now the …
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59 New APIs: AT&T, Evercam, and Esri
… fan of programming, drinking cider, and pursing political activism. In the blog he maintains he includes a REST based API to access the blogs content. …. MetroLogistics API: MetroLogistics is a mail and shipping service that offers International …
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Former NBC News President Steve Capus to teach, blog on management
The business school has campuses in Madrid, Barcelona, New York, Munich and Sao Paulo. IESE has sought to expand its business program in the media and entertainment. Capus, who has started a blog for the business school, is also expected to teach …


How Can You Use Templates For Scrapbooking?

You can create titles, wording and embellishments for your scrapbook pages by using alphabetical and shape templates. Therefore, templates play an important role in any scrap booker’s collection.


To use a template, lay it on the BACK of the paper you are using, and make sure that the template is back to front, especially if it is an alphabet template, or your letters will be facing the wrong way when you are finished. Tracing on the back of the paper also means that you don’t have to worry about erasing pencil lines later on.


Trace around your letters or shapes with a pencil. If the letter is a D, A, B, P or O or your shape has a center, cut this center part out first. Next using small scissors cut around the outside of your shape. You could also use a sharp craft knife on a cutting mat to protect your work surfaces. A knife works better than small scissors for cutting out finer detail; it just takes a bit of practice to get used to.


Glue your shapes or letters onto your pages for fast and fun embellishments. Mix and match your shapes for more interest. It also works well to cut two of the same shape in different sizes on contrasting paper, and then laying the smaller one over the larger one. Also a lot of one shape can be quite effective, for instance to make a bouquet of flowers.


Some more scrap booking ideas and solutions you can use with your templates are to cut out tags and glue your shape or letter onto them.

This is also a great way to make your pages stand out. You can also glue your alphabet to contrasting colored and individual squares to build your word and add interest.


Another scrap booking idea is to cut out two of the same letter, one in a patterned paper and the other in a matching plain colored paper, then cut one letter in half horizontally and lay it over the top of the complete letter. You could also put the one uncut letter over the other slightly skew, in order to create a shadowed effect.


Another scrap booking solution is to mat your letters on plain paper like you would your photos. This makes the letters stand out and gives them definition, especially if your letters are cut out on patterned paper. This idea is great for titles.


Experimenting with different ideas and solutions is a lot of fun, and many new and original ideas can come out of this.


For more ideas for your scrap booking pages, visit:

Michel Maling
I love Dancing and I love Scrapbooking. Two completely different fields, but both require passion, hard work and ongoing dedication.

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