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Don't Put the Car Before the House
As for whether you lease or finance the car, it's all the same. Let's say you have a car payment for $ 500 per month and you have two more years left on your lease. That would be the same as if you had a personal car loan for $ 500 per month with a …
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Another Source for the Problems at the VA
In the interests of full disclosure, let me say that I am a Vietnam veteran with service connected health issues, and I currently use the V.A. medical system myself, so I have some personal and relevant knowledge regarding the issue under discussion …
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Hunton & Williams | Privacy and Information Security Law Blog Update

Hunton & Williams | Privacy and Information Security Law Blog Update
Recent posts on the Privacy and Information Security Law blog include: • FTC Issues Report on Data Broker Industry, Recommends Legislation • Google to Give Effect to Right to Remove Personal Data from Search Results • Canadian Prime Minister …
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HelloWallet, A One-Time Mint Competitor, Acquired For .5 Million
Personal finance software provider HelloWallet, a one-time competitor to Intuit's Mint, has been acquired by investment research provider Morningstar, which was already a minority investor in the company. The acquisition sees HelloWallet … In …
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Cybersecurity progress on Capitol Hill

Cybersecurity progress on Capitol Hill
Is climate change risky business? 12:44pm. Congress Blog … The Pew Research Center reported that 39 percent of Internet users they surveyed either changed their passwords or shut down online accounts to protect their personal data. This is …
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Seven Simple Tactics We Use to Keep Summer Energy Bills Low
Written by Trent Hamm, The Simple Dollar is a popular personal finance blog that chronicle's one man's road back from overwhelming debt to financial security. Hamm declared the … If you plan a day trip to a park, there's no need to leave the air on …
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Express Your Pooch Personality Through Quoted Tees

Your pooches have never really demanded for anything except for food and love but then that does not mean that you do not go out of your way and think something creative enough to do for your dog that sets your pet apart from other pets. Unlike humans, dog breeds seem to look the same. Sure you have dog collars to bring your pooch an individual identity, but it is so old school. Times have changed and sporting dogs with various dog accessories have become a fad with famous people who are always on constant limelight. I mean when a celebritys dog can get a dedicated news space, why shouldnt your pooch get a taste of that celebrity status in your locality. Here we talk about dog apparels that are well in vogue and extremely adorable-looking.

Ultra modern dog polo shirts, dog tank tops, dog jackets, dog jeans are some of the many new style apparels that are made available for your canine best buds. Just imagine you hit the beach with a funky looking tee and you are accompanied by your pooch who also adorns an equally cool looking dog tank top or a dog polo shirt and better still the dog tank top or dog polo shirt hones a witty or funny message that is sure to spread an epidemic of laughter and frolic amongst all the onlookers who would adore your dogs style statement. It only actually reflects your attitude but sure does justice to match the same with your pooch as well, making you look good together.

Dog t-shirts are of varied sizes depending on the breed that you own. It is easy to shop for either small dog t-shirts or big dog t-shirts because they generally design and supply clothes exactly that fits your particular pet breed. These jazzy much in vogue dog apparels are the sole factors that would set your pet pooch apart from the other pooches in your locality and help him win a name for himself making him famous in no time. Your pooch is going to love his new look as well and all the attention that he gets as a result. You can mix and match these cool dog tops like dog tank tops with dog pants like dog jeans and may be even dog sunglasses.

You would only be doing your pooch a favor by buying him such body hugging dog t-shirts because it would keep your canine buddies warm in extreme cold climates or during chilly night environments. It would also keep your dog body devoid of dust and grime when you take your dog on walks. These are easily washed and reused just like any other apparel that you would wear. The fabrics used are also generally cozy and soft and has the much needed elasticity for free movement of your pooch.

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Tarter: Tax Day is right around the corner

Tarter: Tax Day is right around the corner
“Corporate finance chiefs complain the current tax system puts them at a competitive disadvantage with foreign rivals and prevents them from moving cash where it is needed most. For companies with most of their cash abroad, that could mean issuing debt …
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There's No Place Like Home: Steps to Take When Buying Your First Home
In the latest installment of CFP Board's "Let's Talk Planning" blog and its "Financial Planning is for Everyone" series, Blayney shares three aspects of home ownership to consider when you close on and get the keys to your new home. Titling your home …

How Do You Do Money? Ian, Server Technician
There are other options that are more conducive to businesses with employees; as well as more complex options (defined benefit plans) that come with a great deal more setup, management and scrutiny. A sole proprietor might also be able to contribute to …
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Moving on quotes

A person who deals with the people whose heart is broken will probably need a clarification or help before dealing on any aspects. Moving on quotes will seems to be like few words but it has the real power to make a person to understand about the situation and their confidence level increases to face the challenges. People are in need of reminder at regular intervals on how to live a life with a purpose. It is very easy to get a relationship but it is difficult to maintain a relationship for a long run. This moving on quote not only mean about friendship but also in the case of married couples. During recent days, there are various couples who are applying for divorce after living for just few months together.


Regarding divorce, Joseph Campbell have stated a wonderful quote and it says that married couples who have got divorce will enter in to a new life and they will live a different life as well as learn several experience after getting divorce. Another moving on quotes regarding this aspect is that divorced couples are showing interest in doing more marriages and again these people are more likely to apply for a divorce later on in other marriages. One of the famous celebrities has written a moving quote that says “Thinking and worrying about the past is of no use because it has happened. Try to smile because it is happening”. This will suit best to the people who have lost their beloved one or facing some other problems. From this quote, we should understand that what all happened is past and cannot be restored. There is no use of thinking and worrying about the same.


Instead, people can think about incidents that they have smiled because it would help your mind to get divert.

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Real Estate 2014: The New Wisdom

Real Estate 2014: The New Wisdom
Less than that, you need to rethink your plan, according to Glink. Old: A house is a goldmine. New: Rent if you're not … It was long a bedrock of personal finance advice that people should try to pay off their mortgages early to save thousands of …
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When Mom moves in…do we need to seek legal counsel?
As professional geriatric care managers in the field of aging, we are often called upon by attorneys and trust officers to provide solutions to a variety of challenges that may surface when working on an elderly client's legal or financial issues. In …
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Yes, Ed Miliband has given more power to the unions – but also extended
Let's deal with the retreat first. In the immediate wake of the Falkirk selection scandal, Labour's leader targeted the trade unions financial domination of his party, via the affiliation fees donated on behalf of millions of their members. This had to …
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Would You Pay $698000 for a Head Shop?

Would You Pay 8000 for a Head Shop?
Josh Patrick is a founder and principal at Stage 2 Planning Partners, where he works with private business owners to create personal and business value. Creating Value, Shopping and Retail, Small Business, Smoking and Tobacco, Southeastern States (US) …
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Advisors on Goal-Setting: Be Timely. Be Specific. Think Broadly.
“If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there.” It's true: If you don't know where your journey should end, you can do whatever you want along the way and never be accused of being off track. But that doesn't mean you'll get where …
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An Opinion on the Government's Cybersecurity Strategy
… Government's Cybersecurity Strategy. By Phil Mason. In the following post I will discuss 'Progress against the Objectives of the National Cyber Security Strategy', 'Forward Plans' and a few of my own predictions on what 2014 may hold for the world …
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Could We Afford a Universal Basic Income?
Compare that with the estimated premium for an unsubsidized “bronze” plan under the ACA, which is expected to be something like $ 3,000 per person per year for a family of four and about $ 4,500 for an individual living alone, with both figures varying …
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