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Campaigns get donations from pot license hopefuls
Donations began rolling in days after the seven-member Clark County Commission decided March 5 to allow medicinal pot businesses, the Las Vegas Sun reported Wednesday ( ). The powerful commission that … "After we make the …
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Combined forest certification improves business for Brazil-nut growers: study
To qualify for organic certification, they must ensure the nuts are quickly transported and carefully dried to make sure they are free from a native fungus that can produce carcinogenic aflatoxins. To gain FSC certification, producers must adopt …
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Why It Doesn't Pay to Be a Perfectionist
Do you dwell on small mistakes for hours, days or even weeks after they occur? Are you crushed when someone points out a … Free Credit Check & MonitoringSign up for your and get a FREE credit score plus personalized Action Plan to help you …
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FCC Auction Taking Toll On TV RF Vendors

FCC Auction Taking Toll On TV RF Vendors
As a result of the uncertainity over the FCC's plans to auction and repack the TV spectrum, stations are putting off investments in transmission gear. The latest … The final straw for ERI's TV business came in January when FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler …
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Missed Alarms and 40 Million Stolen Credit Card Numbers: How Target Blew It
30, the hackers had set their traps and had just one thing to do before starting the attack: plan the data's escape route. As they uploaded exfiltration malware to move stolen credit card numbers—first to staging …. Brian Krebs, a security blogger …
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Texas still posting double-digit drops in foreclosure filings
Then again, Texas has never had a lot of ground to make up in the first place. A total of 4,789 foreclosure … the lender holding the mortgage. Tricia Lynn Silva covers real estate, retail, construction, and law firms; she also plans and edits some …
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Why is TMS Still Über Complicated?
Many companies strive to make our lives and businesses easier. Whether voice-directed pick/pack systems or a … Instead of making it easier to plan and execute, often they do the opposite and provide more overhead. Yes, cost savings and automation are …
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Suh hiring Sexton means money is coming

Suh hiring Sexton means money is coming
In hiring Jimmy Sexton, perhaps the best agent in the business and one who routinely nabs major deals for the head coaches he represents, the defensive tackle has shown he is not messing around in his plans for a new deal and wants to get every dollar …
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Is clean energy technology booming? Five reasons it is.
They recently announced plans to invest $ 2 billion in a large-scale factory to produce cheaper batteries, and stock shares soared after news of the company's robust production outlook. They must be doing something right to afford such robust growth …
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Opinion split but Wiltshire solar farm business plans agreed
“The proposed development would make a significant contribution towards Wiltshire's renewable energy target – it would increase energy generation in Wiltshire by over ten per cent – and as such, on balance, it is considered that the overall …
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Latest How To Make A Business Plan,Blog News

Using Social Media to Make Real Connections
Oh – and one more thing before we get started: I don't believe you if you say you have no time for social media as part of your business plan. The irony is that if you don't make time for social media as a conversion tactic, you'll have all the time in …
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You Can't Build High Speed Rail with No Money
That was part of the original plan. However, private funders want to feel there is a chance to make a profit. If you consider the High Speed Rail Committee's constantly shape-shifting proposal as a poorly conceived business plan, investors would be …
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Develop a plan to connect your business with customers

Develop a plan to connect your business with customers
By (ARA) Within almost every successful business is a well-developed plan for connecting to the customer. This relationship helps build trust between your company and your customers. More often than not, with trust comes more revenue.
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New High-Speed Rail Biz Plan Crashes into Reality
Barreling head-on toward it from the other direction, on April 12 the California High-Speed Rail Authority voted to approve its own revised business plan. The state action leaves only an up-or-down vote from the state Legislature to break ground on a …
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European carriers: Nokia's Lumia smartphone "would be much easier to sell" if
[Updated: February 23, 2010] – Adrian Kingsley-Hughes has no business relationships, affiliations, investments, or other actual/potential conflicts of interest relating to the content posted so far on this blog. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes is an …
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LIVE BLOG: Town Manager Interview Ronald San Angelo

LIVE BLOG: Town Manager Interview Ronald San Angelo
I formed a downtown business association and meet quarterly… worked with a lead developer ..downtown reviatalization plan — renaissance place … get selectmena nd business community on board … create a special zoen .. becauseof the economy it has …

WATERLAND BLOG: Des Moines City Manager Says City is Open for Business
“I think in a general sense, Des Moines had a reputation of not being easy to do business with, that our codes were restrictive, over prescriptive (with) not a lot of flexibility and that attitude kind of permeated its way down to the staff,” Piasecki …
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Axl Rose declines induction to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
The letter was sent to the Los Angeles Times's Pop & Hiss blog earlier today and was also posted on the band's Facebook page. Read it in its entirety after the jump. Axl Rose with Guns N' Roses opens a show at the Fillmore Silver Spring.
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