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Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid tangle on campaign spending
When the candidates they bankroll get into office, the winners inevitably begin to legislate their sponsors' business plans – less regulation and less oversight for corporations. Let me state this plainly for all to hear: No one should be able to pump …
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Blatche: Returning is 'No. 1 priority'
EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — Brooklyn Nets backup big man Andray Blatche, who has a player option for next season at $ 1.4 million, told reporters that he plans to opt out and become a free agent. “I'm going to see what's out there for me,” … Prokhorov's …
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Microsoft OneDrive for Business now offers 1 terabyte of cloud storage per user

Microsoft OneDrive for Business now offers 1 terabyte of cloud storage per user
In March 2014, Microsoft officials announced that OneDrive for Business (formerly known as SkyDrive Pro) would be available both as part of a number of existing Office 365 plans, as well as for purchase as a standalone service — something that wasn't …
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Im gegenteil, the German dating website on a go-slow
"And then we came up with a business idea: to mix a lifestyle blog with a dating blog." The two spent the next week … The founders plan to add advertising and marketing tie-ins so that they can continue to offer free profiles. In order to reach their …
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Managed Services: 7 Blogs MSPmentor Didn't Write, May 2
In a blog, I explained how the deal was an acceleration strategy for our brands. Behind the scenes, Amy Katz and Penton built a business plan to help grow our database, readership and revenue. 4. An Expanded Team: From 2011 until now, Penton has made …
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FCAC's Priorities Unveiled in New Business Plan

FCAC's Priorities Unveiled in New Business Plan
The Commissioner of the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC), Lucie Tedesco, today released the Agency's Report on Plans and Priorities 2014-17 (formerly referred to as the Business Plan). The Report is based on six strategic priorities.
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Fed cuts monthly bond purchases and sounds upbeat
The Fed also reaffirmed its plan to keep short-term interest rates low to support the economy “for a considerable time” after its bond purchases end, likely late this year. But it again offered no … But her emphasis on flexibility can also be tricky …
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7 Tips for Getting Chores Done for Adults with ADHD

7 Tips for Getting Chores Done for Adults with ADHD
That's because people with ADHD have impairments in executive functioning, which makes it harder to plan, prioritize, perform and complete. But you can get chores done. First, make sure you're receiving optimal treatment for your ADHD. For many people …
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AIN Blog: When in China…
Spending a week in China at the Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition is a refreshing reminder that as much as countries like China want to put general aviation to work, the actual implementation is going to be nothing like what aviation …
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Charter school under development in Jefferson
Under the operating plan, the school, if approved, would enroll 60 kindergarten and 60 first-grade students then expand one grade each year until it becomes a kindergarten-through-eighth grade school. Admission would be open to all residents of …
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Nurses union plans to picket at Howard University Hospital after negotiations …

Nurses union plans to picket at Howard University Hospital after negotiations
The D.C. Nurses Association plans to picket outside the entrance of Howard University Hospital on Thursday. The union claims Howard University and hospital officials are violating federal law in their negotiations to reduce the workforce, union leaders …
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With Million in New Capital, Quora Still Has No Business Model
But even Facebook experimented with ads its first year in business, and began hiring salespeople in its second. At nearly five years old, Quora has yet to generate any revenue or even lay out a plan to make money. The company just raised an additional …
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Happy birthday World Wide Web! Why the D.C. region has been Web's …

Happy birthday World Wide Web! Why the D.C. region has been Web's
Long before the internet, long before the World Wide Web, there was the ARPANET. Mike Daniels was one of those early ARPANET users group members. In 2013, the Washington Business Journal honored Daniels as one of our Outstanding Directors.
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SERC signs lease at Whitehall Corporate Center
SERC Reliability Corp. has signed a 10-year lease for 27,157 square feet in the Whitehall Corporate Center IV building and plans to relocate to the space this summer. SERC is a nonprofit corporation responsible for promoting and improving the …
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Are Malls Over?
In 2011, Caruso's company cancelled plans for an outdoor mall in the parking lot of the Santa Anita Park racetrack after a legal challenge from Westfield, which owned a nearby indoor mall, and a bankruptcy filing by Caruso's business partner …
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How To Get Cheap Caravan Insurance Quotes

No one wants to spend countless hours searching for the right caravan cover. We all have more important things to do than sit there and ring every insurer asking them to give us a quote, or drive all over the country searching for the cheapest rates.

Using the Internet, you can quickly get the cover you need and get on with your day. You won’t have to spend days ringing up companies or driving all over the world for the cheapest rates. All you have to do is input some basic information regarding your needed cover, hit a few buttons, and wait for quotes to come to your inbox. It really is as simple as that. However, never sacrifice quality to get a super low rate. Find the best way to achieve a balance between an exceptional policy and a low rate.

When you know the level of cover you are seeking, it makes it less difficult to fine that perfect policy. Most people will be searching for comprehensive cover, since this gives you the ultimate in protection, for both static and touring caravans. It will cover you for accidents, damages, and theft. It will make it possible for you to enjoy your holiday, and not worry that if the worst happens you won’t be protected.

When using the Internet to find your cream-of-the-crop policy, it is important to remember that rates vary widely between insurers. One place might have a great policy but steep prices, and another could have better prices but not give you the protection you need. If you keep on searching, there is a policy out there that can give you the best of both worlds.

To save money, having a working security system that is monitored can really give you a great discount. The insurer is pleased when your vehicle is as safe as possible from theft, so they will give you better rates. However, check with your insurer first to be certain there isn’t a specific company they want you to use.

If you think that third party cover is all you need, think again. It offers little in the way of protection, and can leave you holding the bag if you cause an accident or become a victim of theft. It is only designed to cover the other person if you are the cause of an accident. It will not help you repair your vehicle, or get you another one if yours is stolen or totaled. This is why comprehensive, while more expensive, makes since when you are seeking caravan insurance quotes. It is better to pay a little more and achieve ultimate peace of mind, than save money and have no real cover to show for it.

While it is more costly, comprehensive is well worth it. How else will you be able to pay to have your car fixed if you are involved in a bad accident where extensive repairs are needed? Most people would never be able to come up with the sum that is required to fix a vehicle that is badly damaged, and then they would just be out of a vehicle.

To insure this doesn’t happen to you, get the best level of cover at a tremendous price by shopping around for caravan insurance quotes.

For further information regarding caravan insurance quotes visit Safeguard UK.

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Microsoft chops Windows 8 price for low-end device makers: Report

Microsoft chops Windows 8 price for low-end device makers: Report
According to my sources, Microsoft is planning to make three primary Windows Threshold SKUs available: A low end "modern" consumer SKU for Windows Phones, ARM-based Windows tablets/PCs, phablets and other kinds of tablets; a more traditional consumer …
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Success follows a thoughtful business plan
… writes in a blog that writing a business plan helps in a number of ways. … Perhaps a more likely theory is related to the Nike motto of “Just Do It.” Writing a plan doesn't feel like an action step to those entrepreneurs. They …
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Big interview: Helen Joy, of Bristol-based business Brunelcare

Big interview: Helen Joy, of Bristol-based business Brunelcare
When we discuss the organisation's future plans, which she hopes will include a new care home if they can find the money, Helen says: "If I win the lottery next week, I would like to build a new care home." When I point out most people would perhaps …
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Take that, Loeb: Dow Chemical reports higher than expected earnings, buys
The Michigan-based chemical company, which has significant petrochemical operations and new investments in Houston, reported much higher than expected earnings, revealed plans to buy back $ 4.5 billion of its stock and said many prominent investors are …
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11 Critical Content Creation Tips
We can't help but be selfish; it's in our nature. Admittedly, I am no exception — I'm frequently caught eating the last bag of chips (please don't chastise me). Similarly, your readers are not always concerned about you, your business or blog. Rather …
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VantageSouth Bank's profit improves
“We feel like we were exiting the year with a lot of business momentum,” said Terry Earley, the bank's chief financial officer. This week, VantageSouth and Yadkin Bank of Statesville announced a merger of equals that will create the largest community …
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Big Blue Morning: Calibrating priorities

Big Blue Morning: Calibrating priorities
The priority is the young man's health, as it should be, and neck surgery is scary business. But from an on-field … Make a plan at wide receiver. Hakeem Nicks' free agency will be the big story here, and if he leaves they'll need a new No. 1 type …
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Austin software firm set to grow after securing additional capital
The company employs 450 workers, but plans to increase that number to 600 by the end of 2014, executives have said. In September, CEO Clay Olivier said Volusion was expanding its business model from small- and mid-sized businesses to the enterprise …
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SimCity coming down from the 'cloud'
"SimCity offline is coming," Maxis general manager Patrick Buechner said in a blog post. "I've wanted to say those words for quite some time." Buechner did not reveal when the update would be released, but did say it was in a final phase of testing …
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